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Quotes for
Catherine (Character)
from 8 Women (2002)

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8 Women (2002)
Catherine: Suzon, I forgot one thing. I heard a strange sound. I looked through Augustine's keyhole, and I saw her standing at the mirror with something shiny. I thought nothing of it, but now I'm sure she was sharpening a knife!
Augustine: You liar! I was holding my mother-of-pearl comb and cleaning it.
Gaby: At 3:00 am?
Augustine: Combs never sleep!

Suzon: Didn't you say you saw no-one?
Augustine: I forgot. I went for a drink.
Gaby: Or a prowl around Marcel's room! What happened?
Catherine: You'd know if you still slept with Dad.
Gaby: I'm being judged by my own child!
Pierrette: That's why I never had any.
Gaby: Just admit no man ever asked you to.