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Quotes for
Hank Gordon (Character)
from Doc Hollywood (1991)

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Doc Hollywood (1991)
Nancy Lee Nicholson: Is that a star?
Hank Gordon: No, that's Ted Danson.

[in reference to L.A]
Hank Gordon: I heard the women out there have their chest enlarged, their thighs vacuumed, and barf on purpose.
Lillian, Welcoming Committee: [slaps Hank in the back of the head] Not while people are eatin'

Hank Gordon: I hate a tight hat!

[after Ben asks about how everyone is in Grady]
Nancy Lee Nicholson: Why don't ask me about Vialula?
Dr. Benjamin Stone: Well, she and Hank are probably...
Hank Gordon: You're in my chair.
[Ben looks up at Hank]
Hank Gordon: Slide a bit, Nancy Lee.
[sits down]
Hank Gordon: There is a man in the toilet sellin' after shave. Now, what's that all about?