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Quotes for
Chava (Character)
from Fiddler on the Roof (1971)

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Fiddler on the Roof (1971)
Chava: [to Tevye] The world is changing, Papa.

Chava: I'll write to you in America if you like.
Golde: [shouts] We'll be staying with Uncle Avram!
Chava: Yes, Mama!
Tevye: [annoyed] We'll be staying with Uncle Avram! We'll be staying with Uncle Avram! The whole world has to know our business!

Fyedka: Your father is coming. Chava, let me talk to him. Let me tell him about us.
Chava: No, Fyedka, that would be the worst thing, I'm sure of it.
Fyedka: But let me try!
Chava: No! I'll talk to him. I promise.

Tevye: [after seeing Chava and Fyedka talking] What were you and he talking about?
Chava: Nothing. We were just talking.
Tevye: Good.
[walks away]
Chava: [chasing after Teyve] Papa! Fyedka and I... We've known each other for a long time...
Tevye: Chaveleh, I would be much happier if you remained friends from a distance. You must not forget who you are and who that man is.
Chava: He has a name, Papa.
Tevye: Of course. All creatures on Earth have a name.
Chava: Fyedka is not a creature, Papa. Fyedka is a man!
Tevye: Who says he isn't? It's just that he's a different kind of man. As the Good Book says, "Each shall seek his own kind." In other words, a bird may love a fish, but where would they build a home together?
Chava: The world is changing, Papa!
Tevye: [rounding on her] No!
Tevye: No. Some things do not change for us. Some things will never change.
Chava: We don't feel that way.
Tevye: We?
Chava: Fyedka and I... We want to be married.
Tevye: What? Are you out of your mind? Don't you understand what that means, marrying outside of the faith?
Chava: But, Papa...
Tevye: I said no! Never talk about it again. Never mention his name again. Never see him again. Do you understand me?
Chava: [quietly] Yes, Papa. I understand you.

Hodel: [singing] For Papa, make him a scholar!
Chava: [singing] For Mama, make him rich as a king!
Hodel, Chava: For me, well, I wouldn't holler if he were as handsome as anything!
Hodel, Chava: Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match! Find me a find, catch me a catch! Night after night in the dark I'm alone, so find me a match of my own!

Tzeitel: Since when are you interested in a match, Chava? I thought you just had your eyes on your books.
Chava: [storms away with basket]
Hodel: [giggles]
Tzeitel: [to Hodel] And you have your eye on the Rabbi's son.
Hodel: Well, why not? We only have one rabbi, and he only has one son. Why shouldn't I want the best?
Tzeitel: Because you're a girl from a poor family. So, whatever yente brings, you'll take, right?
[puts black blanket on head]
Tzeitel: Of COURSE right!