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Tzeitel (Character)
from Fiddler on the Roof (1971)

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Fiddler on the Roof (1971)
[about Yente, the matchmaker]
Tzeitel: But Mama, the men she finds. The last one was so old and he was bald. He had no hair.
Golde: A poor girl without a dowry can't be so particular. You want hair, marry a monkey.

Motel: Times are changing, Reb Tevye. The thing is, over a year ago, your daughter, Tzeitel, and I gave each other our pledge that we would marry.
Tevye: You gave each other a... pledge?
Tzeitel: Yes, Papa. We gave each other our pledge.

[Yente has returned from the post office]
Yente: The postman told me there was a letter for your sister, Hodel.
Tzeitel: Thank you, I'll go and get it.
Yente: I got it. It's, ah, from her intended, Perchik.
Tzeitel: Oh, she'll be so happy, she's been waiting to hear from... but it's open!
Yente: [shrugs] So, it happened to be open...

Hodel: We only have one Rabbi, and he only has one son. Why shouldn't I want the best?
Tzeitel: Because you're a girl from a poor family. So whatever Yente brings, you'll take. Right? Of course, right!
[sings, mimicking Yente]
Tzeitel: Hodel! Oh Hodel, have I made a match for you! He's handsome, he's young! All right, he's sixty-two. But he's a nice man, a good catch, true? True! I promise you'll be happy, and even if you're not, there's more to life than that... Don't ask me what.

Tzeitel: Chava, I've found him; will you be a lucky bride! He's handsome, he's tall! That is, from side to side, but he's a nice man, a good catch, right?
Hodel: Right!
Tzeitel: You heard he has a temper.
Hodel: He'll *beat* you every night.
Tzeitel: But only when he's sober...
Tzeitel, Hodel: So you're all right!

Tzeitel: Since when are you interested in a match, Chava? I thought you just had your eyes on your books.
Chava: [storms away with basket]
Hodel: [giggles]
Tzeitel: [to Hodel] And you have your eye on the Rabbi's son.
Hodel: Well, why not? We only have one rabbi, and he only has one son. Why shouldn't I want the best?
Tzeitel: Because you're a girl from a poor family. So, whatever yente brings, you'll take, right?
[puts black blanket on head]
Tzeitel: Of COURSE right!