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Quotes for
Corrine Mackey (Character)
from "The Shield" (2002)

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"The Shield: Trophy (#5.5)" (2006)
Corrine Mackey: You be gentle. His sister just died.
Vic Mackey: I'm oozing gentle.

"The Shield: Tapa Boca (#5.4)" (2006)
Corrine Mackey: Some IAD guy's been coming to the kids' school. Trying to get me to say things about him.
Holland Wagenbach: IAD's into Vic? I wonder what they've got on him. I mean, probably take your pick.

"The Shield: Dawg Days (#1.4)" (2002)
Corrine Mackey: Ah, Matthew thinks he's a dog now.
Detective Vic Mackey: A german sheperd, so what?

"The Shield: Parricide (#7.8)" (2008)
Corrine Mackey: Did you really do all those things?
Vic Mackey: I did a lot of things that I shouldn't have done, for reasons that made sense at the time, but they're pretty hard to defend right now. What do you want me to say, that I'm different? I don't want to go to prison. Do you want me to go to prison?
Corrine Mackey: Do either of you even feel any shame?
Vic Mackey: I don't think about it.
Corrine Mackey: Well, that's honest. Sad thing is, I've known - maybe not the specifics, the details - but I've known, and I have let you infect me and our children. I'll help you this one last time... and then the kids and I are out of your life! That is my price. And you have to pay some kind of price.