Detective Claudette Wyms
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Detective Claudette Wyms (Character)
from "The Shield" (2002)

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"The Shield: Snitch (#7.2)" (2008)
Holland Wagenbach: Brass have to be pleased to get these killer kids off the street.
Claudette Wyms: No, no, they're too busy trying to plot how to hang me out to dry for being a racist. Deflect attention from their Al-Qaeda thing not panning out.
Holland Wagenbach: So, uh, you're a racist now? How's that working out for you?

Claudette Wyms: Gang crime's up 14% citywide this year.
Vic Mackey: While Farmington's numbers are down. I guess I can't be everywhere.

"The Shield: Family Meeting (#7.13)" (2008)
Ronnie Gardocki: [He's been told of Vic's immunity agreement and is being taken to jail] You told them... all of it?
Vic Mackey: Ronnie...
Ronnie Gardocki: You made a deal for yourself and you're sending me to prison?
Vic Mackey: I'm sorry. My family, I... I... I thought Corrine...
Ronnie Gardocki: You're goddamned SORRY?
Holland Wagenbach: Process him!
Officer Danielle "Danny" Sofer: Take him in!
Vic Mackey: I didn't think I had a choice!
Ronnie Gardocki: [as he's being hauled away by the police] Well, what about MY goddamn choice? Where was my goddamn choice? I was going to run! We were going to run together! God DAMN IT! What about the team? What about protecting the goddamn team?
Claudette Wyms: [to Mackey, dismissively] You can go now.

Claudette Wyms: [reading Shane's suicide note] "I guess enough painkillers can make even the worst kind of hurt go away. The thing you need to know is that Mara was innocent, and Jackson was innocent. They didn't know what they were drinking and their last moments together were happy ones. They left the way I first found them, perfect and innocent. They were innocent and they're in Heaven now and we'll always be a family. The guilty ones are me and Vic. Vic led, but I kept following. I don't think one's worse than the other, but we made each other into something worse than our individual selves. I wish I never met him. I see it all now. There's no apologies I can make, no explanations I can give. I was who I was, and I can't be that person anymore. I can't let myself..."
[stops reading]
Claudette Wyms: We think this is where he was when we came in, because it stops there.

"The Shield: Recoil (#6.9)" (2007)
Vic Mackey: You're not even gonna give me a fair shot?
Claudette Wyms: You threw away your fair shot by taking so many crooked ones.

"The Shield: Postpartum (#5.11)" (2006)
Claudette Wyms: Track down whatever you can find. Run everything by me. And Vic, that renegade shit's not gonna fly on my watch, but you already knew that.
Shane Vendrell: It looks like a new Sheriff just limped into town.

"The Shield: Coefficient of Drag (#7.1)" (2008)
Steve Billings: I'll be back, all right - putting in my required hours, mandatory paper work. But as far as effort goes, I don't know what's between zero and the city mandate minimum, but from now on, let's call that "the Billings".
Claudette Wyms: Can't we just call it business as usual?

"The Shield: Jailbait (#5.3)" (2006)
Holland Wagenbach: I can't have other colleagues as friends?
Claudette Wyms: Marshall has quite a reputation as a man's man, if you know what I mean.
Holland Wagenbach: He's... he's gay?
Claudette Wyms: While you were reading faces, he was reading your package... have fun, though.

"The Shield: Extraction (#5.1)" (2006)
Claudette Wyms: [about Tina] She's way too young for you.
Holland Wagenbach: I am mature and distinguished. A lot of young women appreciate that.
Claudette Wyms: You really oughta cut back on the porn.