Detective Claudette Wyms
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Biography for
Detective Claudette Wyms (Character)
from "The Shield" (2002)

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Claduette Wyms is a no-nonsense police detective who is as cool under pressure as they come. She is one of the moral strongholds at "The Barn," generally doing what is right and not cutting corners in an effort to expose wrongdoing. She and Dutch Wagenbach are a tremendous detective pair and she soon give Dutch her unrelenting loyalty and respect -- something he returns in kind. The two rely on each other for support professionally and personally, though Claudette is generally reluctant to reveal any weakness or personal shortcomings. Claudette has been divorced twice and raised two daughters on her own. She has been a cop in the LAPD for more than 25 years, having started as one of the few black police officers in the department.

Claudette has a personal secret that, only after several years, she eventually reveals to Dutch. It doesn't immediately affect her ability to do her work, but over time it becomes problematic and Dutch, not surprisingly, does what he can to help.

Claudette often butts heads with Vic Mackey, due to his often aggressive tactics. Once she begins to suspect he's up to more than just shoving people around, she becomes more and more intent on bringing him down but generally keeps a diplomatic demeanor.