Antwon Mitchell
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Antwon Mitchell (Character)
from "The Shield" (2002)

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"The Shield: Of Mice and Lem (#5.10)" (2006)
Vic Mackey: Things went south.
Antwon Mitchell: Very south. Alabama south.
Vic Mackey: If I would've had all the information going in, we wouldn't be sitting here.
Antwon Mitchell: Well, here we are. Little blue and his big black puppet.
Vic Mackey: What the hell are you talking about?
Antwon Mitchell: Kavanaugh dimed me, man. Told me you were braggin' about playing me against him and protecting Lemansky to shit on his deal.
Vic Mackey: He's just jerking us off. What do you care? He can't get to you in here.
Antwon Mitchell: No, but he can touch everyone around me. That crazy ass nigga, he initiated a full-scale DOC investigation of this place. The heat is on. And soon, I won't be filling all the comforts of home.
Vic Mackey: Look... I'll figure out a way to get you your cash; look into this DOC thing.
Antwon Mitchell: You've done enough. The deal, and this conversation, are over.
Vic Mackey: Jesus Christ! I took care of that little thing for you! Now... You gonna tell me that doesn't buy Lem some time?
Antwon Mitchell: That buys you one more dead cop. I've got Niners in every pen in the state. So, wherever he touches down, it will happen, and you can set your watch to that inevitability.
Vic Mackey: One of your crew so much as hard-looks my guy, MY reach will get YOU shivved!
Antwon Mitchell: You got a reach like that? So, why're you sittin' here, talking to me, grey boy, huh?
Vic Mackey: *Vic jumps across the table, tries to attack Antwon, but is pulled away by a Correctional Officer.*
Antwon Mitchell: It's okay. It's alright. That's just Detective Mackey's way of saying GOODBYE!

"The Shield: The Cure (#4.1)" (2005)
Vic Mackey: Antwon Mitchell.
Antwon Mitchell: Do I know you?
Vic Mackey: I know your mugshot.
Monica Rawling: I worked with Rich Nelson.
Antwon Mitchell: How's he doin'?
Monica Rawling: Passed, three years ago. Cancer.
Antwon Mitchell: Damn, cancer's rough. But he was always talkin' about how he was gonna piss on my grave. Guess I gotta go grab a forty and pay my respects.