Abou Fatma
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Abou Fatma (Character)
from The Four Feathers (2002)

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The Four Feathers (2002)
Abou Fatma: I found you half dead crossing the desert alone and you say you are afraid?

Abou Fatma: Are you a deserter?
Harry Faversham: Something like that. I was sent to fight and I ran away.
Abou Fatma: Why?
Harry Faversham: Why? I just... There are many reasons why. Mostly I was afraid.
Abou Fatma: [laughs] I found you halfdead crossing the desert alone. And you say you are afraid?
Harry Faversham: There's a different kind of fear. Why are you protecting me?
Abou Fatma: God put you in my way. I have no choice.
Harry Faversham: God? An Englishman... and a Christian? You must have done something terrible to offend him.

Abou Fatma: You laugh like an Englishman.