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Scott McCoy (Character)
from Leprechaun 3 (1995) (V)

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Leprechaun 3 (1995) (V)
Doctor: Now listen to me! This may mean the difference between living and dying. Do you have health insurance?
Scott: Do ya take Green Cross?

Scott: [on the phone] Yeah, give me hotel security. Yeah, I'd like to report a leprechaun in your hotel. No, a LEPRECHAUN. Yeah, little green guy. HE TRIED TO KILL ME! Hello?

Scott: There once was a lady of Totten whose tastes grew perverted and rotten. She cared not for steaks or for pastries and cakes, but lived upon penis au gratin.
Waitress: Metallica. No, wait... White Zombie. I got the album. Enjoy your spuds!
Scott: What the hell did I just say?

Scott: Have you ever blown a rod before?
Tammy: I beg your pardon?
Scott: The engine, I meant. See, you got your pistons and your rods... You don't want to know this, right?
Tammy: No, actually, I don't.

Scott: Excuse me, where can I cash a check?
Mitch: You old enough to be in here, kid?
[sees the amount of Scott's check]
Mitch: Yes, you're old enough. Right over there. If there's anything you need, just come to me.

Scott: I thought maybe you could sneak me inside the casino to see what it's like.
Tammy: What? Do you think this is like Disneyland or something?