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Sticks (Character)
from Leprechaun 4: In Space (1996) (V)

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Leprechaun 4: In Space (1996) (V)
Tina: Don't get too excited, boys. On the planet Dominia, when a woman of royal blood shows you her breasts, it's a death sentence.
Sticks: And what part of her anatomy is she gonna kill me with?

Sticks: Man. Twenty-first century and they still can't dance.

Dr. Mittenhand: If you disobey my orders and refuse to carry them out. You will be tried for mutiny and I guarantee you,
Dr. Mittenhand: you will be shot! On the other hand, if you are successful in killing that creature. I will arrange a very generous bonus for each of you.
MSgt. Metal Head Hooker: How much?
Dr. Mittenhand: Say, one hundred times what you are being paid now.
Sticks: I'm in.

Sticks: [clowning around] Lordy, Mr. Daniels, it sho' be dark in here!
Danny: Laugh it up, wise guy. It won't be so funny when that little bastard shoves a laser up your ass.
Sticks: Ooh. A laser up my ass? Oh. Ohh. Come on feet, don't fail me now!

Staff Sergeant Brooks Malloy: [last lines; the Leprechaun's disembodied hand has just flipped off the survivors] Same to you, pal!
Sticks: Way to go! Alright!
[the survivors have a group hug]
Sticks: God, I love the Marines.