Louisa Pendel
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Louisa Pendel (Character)
from The Tailor of Panama (2001)

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The Tailor of Panama (2001)
Harry Pendel: Oh, yes. The lies. Very, very sorry about the lies. Louisa, I never did work in Saville Row, did I? Not as such. I learned the tailoring in prison. I burned down my Uncle Benny's warehouse to help him out. And then when I done my time, Uncle Benny, he gives me my portion, sends me out here so I can't get into trouble. I pretended he was Arthur Braifwaite. You see, lying's what we do in prison, luv. It's instead of love, really. You tell a thing the way it ought to be because that's so much better than how it is. Well, it's that bad. If you follow me.
Louisa Pendel: Why didn't you just tell me from the start?
Harry Pendel: [sobbing] Because I fell in love with you, my princess, and I knew that I wasn't good enough for you. Not as I stood.
Louisa Pendel: Harry, you are such a fool.
Sarah Pendel: [Coming downstairs] Dad, you promised to tell me a story. Where were you?
Harry Pendel: Oh, Sarah, I'm so sorry.
Sarah Pendel: No need to cry about it, Dad.
Mark Pendel: [Coming downstairs] Hi, Dad.
Sarah Pendel: Hi, Mum.
Harry Pendel: What do you want me to do?
Louisa Pendel: What do I want you to do? What you always do.
[pregnant pause]
Louisa Pendel: Make breafast.
Mark Pendel: Can we have pancakes?

Louisa Pendel: Why?
Harry Pendel: I don't know. I thought it was a game.

Louisa Pendel: Do you love her?
Harry Pendel: Yes, I love her. But I have never *made* love to her.

Andrew 'Andy' Osnard: Don't you ever feel like breaking out... running wild? Just for the badness?
Louisa Pendel: Never. Harry is my virtue. Without him I'd be...
Andrew 'Andy' Osnard: You'd be like Harry without Arthur Braithwaite.

Louisa Pendel: What is all this bullshit about Abraxas and Delgado?
Andrew 'Andy' Osnard: Don't worry about it. It's crap. It's all a game.

Louisa Pendel: Tell me about this Andy Osnard.
Harry Pendel: He's become a sort of a pal. As such.
Louisa Pendel: I used to be your pal. As such.