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Quotes for
Charlie Cooper (Character)
from Eight Below (2006)

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Eight Below (2006)
Charlie Cooper: Payback's a dish better served cold

Jerry Shepard: Hey, Coop. You'd better get up here and say goodbye to Buck.
Charlie Cooper: Oh, yeah? All right, uh, see you, Buck! Safe... Safe trip, Buck.
Jerry Shepard: No. Come over and say goodbye. You're gonna give him a complex.
Charlie Cooper: What about my complex?
Jerry Shepard: Come on... Coop... -Buck barks...
Charlie Cooper: All right... Buck... you uh... you take good care of the doctor and...
[Buck licks Coop on his face]
Charlie Cooper: Oh! That's disgusting! I got dog spit all in my mouth and my nose and my face... ugh!

[first lines]
Jerry Shepard: All right, Coop. A hundred and five degrees. What do you say?
Charlie Cooper: 1-0-5? I can go more.

Charlie Cooper: [greeted by Buck] Okay, not the face, not the face! Okay, chill boy!

[last lines]
Charlie Cooper: [driving snowcat] Alright, here we go...