Neville Sinclair
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Neville Sinclair (Character)
from The Rocketeer (1991)

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The Rocketeer (1991)
Jenny: Everything about you is a lie.
Neville Sinclair: It wasn't lies, Jenny. It was acting.
[laughs evilly, unaware of the gas leak]
Neville Sinclair: I shall miss Hollywood.
[Neville straps the rocket on and leaves]
Cliff Secord: I don't think so.
[the rocket explodes, killing Neville and crashes into the Hollywoodland sign, destroying the last four letters]

Neville Sinclair: C'mon, Eddie. I'm paying you well. Does it really matter where the money comes from?
[siding with the G-men to fight the Nazis]
Eddie Valentine: It matters to me. I may not make an honest buck, but I'm 100% American. I don't work for no two-bit Nazi. Let the girl go!
[Neville laughs, then calls out - in German - a group of hidden armed Sturmabteilung German soldiers who promptly hold everyone at gunpoint]

Jenny: Oh my God. Neville Sinclair's a...
Neville Sinclair: [confronting her] A what? Spy? Saboteur? Fascist? All of the above.

Cliff Secord: [Cliff knocks Neville down] Where's your stuntman now, Sinclair?
Neville Sinclair: [knocking Cliff down] I do my own stunts!

Charlie, Filmstage Actor: [Engaged in swordfight with Neville] Prepare to die that we may learn the identity of The Laughing Bandit!
Neville Sinclair: Why wait?
[removes mask]
Noblewoman in Laughing Bandit: [gasps]
Nobleman in Laughing Bandit: Good heavens, it's Sir Reginald!
Neville Sinclair: None other!
[stabs Charlie]

Neville Sinclair: [regarding what he's after] It's a rocket.
Eddie Valentine: [surprised] A rocket?
Neville Sinclair: [laughing] Yeah. Like in the comic books.

[Valentine and his gang have brought Secord and the rocket to Neville Sinclair]
Cliff Secord: What's it like working for a Nazi, Eddie? Does he pay you in dollars or Deutschmarks?
Eddie Valentine: What's he talking about, Sinclair?
Cliff Secord: Oh, yeah, Eddie! I got it straight from the Feds. Nazi spy ring, Flying Commandos, the works!
Neville Sinclair: He's been flying where the air's too thin.
Jenny: Tell him about the secret room. Tell him about the Germans on the radio!
Goose: [pointing a gun at Lothar] Easy, Frankenstein. You ain't bulletproof!
Eddie Valentine: Start talking, Sinclair!

Neville Sinclair: Valentine, we're going to do what I think is necessary.
Eddie Valentine: And that includes breaking one of my men in half, huh? The next time you go after one of my men, I'll kill ya.
Neville Sinclair: Don't threaten me, Eddie. Just do your job.
Eddie Valentine: Hey, Sinclair? If the Feds take me, I'm taking you with me. I'm gonna tell you everthing.
Neville Sinclair: Who are they going to believe? A cheap crook, or the number-three box-office star in America?
Eddie Valentine: [throwing his cigar down] Nummber-three *jerk*!

[about to leave with Jenny]
Neville Sinclair: Goodbye, Eddie. Happy Valentine's Day.

Zeppelin Captain: We're losing altitude! We must jettison some weight!
Nazi Agent: [to Neville] You, you... actor!
[Neville shoots the Agent, sending him dropping out the window. The Captain stares at him]
Neville Sinclair: For the Fatherland!

Jenny: [to Neville] Do you have to drug all your women to seduce them? You're part of this. You kidnapped me.
Neville Sinclair: Against my will, believe me. I'm as much a victim as you are. They're blackmailing me. These are brutal, ruthless men, Jenny.