Christine Vole
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Christine Vole (Character)
from Witness for the Prosecution (1957)

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Witness for the Prosecution (1957)
Leonard Vole: What are you looking for?
Christine Vole: My accordion.
Leonard Vole: [stepping on it] I think I've found it.
Christine Vole: Step on it again. It's still breathing.

Christine Vole: Damn you. Damn you. Damn you! Damn you!

Christine Vole: You are burning my nose.

Christine Vole: It isn't even my letter paper! I write my letters on small, blue paper with my initials on it?
Sir Wilfrid: Like these?
[pulling out a sheaf of letters on blue paper]
Christine Vole: Damn you! Damn you! Let me go! Let me get out of here!

Sir Wilfrid: [to Brogan-Moore] Oh, pardon, Mrs. Vole, handle her gently especially when you break the news of the arrest. Bear in mind, she's a foreigner. So be prepared for hysterics and even a fainting spell. Better have smelling salts ready, a box of tissues and a nip of brandy.
Christine Vole: [Enters Mrs. Vole] I do not think that will be necessary. I never faint because I'm not sure that I will fall gracefully and I never use smelling salts because they puff up the eyes. I'm Christine Vole.

Christine Vole: You think Mrs. French looked upon Leonard as a son? Or a nephew?
Brogan-Moore: I do. An entirely natural and understandable relationship.
Christine Vole: What hypocrites you are in this county.

Christine Vole: He is not my husband. Leonard and I went through a form of marriage in Hamburg, but, I had a husband living at the time somewhere in East Germany in the Russian zone.
Sir Wilfrid: Did you tell Leonard?
Christine Vole: I did not! It would have been stupid to tell him. He would not have married me and I would have been left behind to starve in the rubble.
Brogan-Moore: But, he did marry you and brought you safely to this country. Don't you think you should be very grateful to him?
Christine Vole: One can get very tired of gratitude.

Leonard Vole: How are you fixed for sugar?
Christine Vole: I could use some.

Sir Wilfrid: Your husband loves you very much, does he not?
Christine Vole: Leonard? He worships the ground I walk on.
Sir Wilfrid: And you?
Christine Vole: You want to know too much. Auf wiedersehen, gentlemen.