Emmet Ray
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Emmet Ray (Character)
from Sweet and Lowdown (1999)

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Sweet and Lowdown (1999)
Emmet Ray: This is my one day off, I want a talking girl.

Emmet Ray: First time I had sex, 7 years old.

Emmet Ray: D'you like that? I knew you would. They say I'm a wonderful lover.

Emmet Ray: I had a wonderful evening. I don't need a genius to have a good time.

Blanche: What do you think of when you play? What goes through your mind?
Emmet Ray: Yeah, that I'm underpaid. I think about that sometimes.

Emmet Ray: Wanna go to the dump and shoot some rats?

Emmet Ray: Now get dressed!

Emmet Ray: [while Hattie is struggling to replace a tire on the car] What's the matter? Nobody said it was going to be a picknick. You know I can't risk my hands.

Emmet Ray: I didn't ask your opinion. I'm just telling ya how it's gonna go.

Emmet Ray: You got a terrific body, you really do. Round. I like round. And I don't mean fat! You got some heft. Makes a fella feel like he's been someplace.

Emmet Ray: I can make my guitar sound just like a train!