Sonny Crawford
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Sonny Crawford (Character)
from The Last Picture Show (1971)

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The Last Picture Show (1971)
Sonny Crawford: [to the unsympathetic crowd around Billy's body] He was sweeping you sons of bitches, he was sweeping!

Sonny Crawford: Nothin's really been right since Sam the Lion died.

Charlene Duggs: [In a snit over breaking up] Now don't go tellin' all the boys how hot I was.
Sonny Crawford: [Sadly] You wasn't that hot.

Sonny Crawford: Say, I hear Duane joined the Army.
Genevieve: Good place for him too.
Sonny Crawford: Oh, he was just holding that bottle. He didn't mean to hit me with it.
Genevieve: That boy always had meaness in him. Of course, Jacy's just the kind of girl that brings out the meaness in a man. She's just like her grandmother. Oh, I hadn't ought to talk about them, anyhow. We was all good friends once. Dan roughnecked with Gene Farrow. He and Lois, they used to live in this little one-room place over the newspaper office. Lois couldn't afford a flour sack, much less a mink. I've always had a soft spot for her, though. Yeah, I wondered a lot of times what would've happened if Dan made the strikes that Gene made. They offered that rig to him first. Dan Morgan never took a chance in his life.
Sonny Crawford: Don't you wish y'all had made it?
Genevieve: Sure, I wish we made it.

Texasville (1990)
Sonny Crawford: The pills make me feel like I got a fuzz in my head, sort of a warm fuzz... not a great feeling. I'd rather see movies in the sky.
Duane: Well, maybe you ought to lay off the pills until the Centennial's over. We're all going to need our wits about us once that gets started.
Sonny Crawford: I think my wits live somewhere else now.