Duane Jackson
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Duane Jackson (Character)
from The Last Picture Show (1971)

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Texasville (1990)
Jacy: It's ironic you broke all your ribs right before the Adam and Eve skit. I wonder what a psychiatrist would make of that.
Duane: I din't break all my ribs, I just broke three.
Jacy: That doesn't affect the irony honey-pie.

Duane: Somebody must be making a fortune off fertility drugs in this county.

Duane Jackson: It must be ten years since I've seen you wear anything I didn't have to read.

Duane Jackson: Women have a heartless side to them, don't they?

Jacy: Are you the one I went skinny-dipping with?
Duane: No, that was Lester Marlowe.
Jacy: Well, I bet I was your favorite mermaid.

Lester Marlow: Marylou likes excitement. She says I'm not exciting any more.
Duane: Well, it's hard to stay exciting for a whole lifetime.

Sonny Crawford: The pills make me feel like I got a fuzz in my head, sort of a warm fuzz... not a great feeling. I'd rather see movies in the sky.
Duane: Well, maybe you ought to lay off the pills until the Centennial's over. We're all going to need our wits about us once that gets started.
Sonny Crawford: I think my wits live somewhere else now.

Karla: I don't know what you've got to smile about!
Duane Jackson: Well, it was either smile about nothing or cry about everything... And I didn't feel like cryin'.

The Last Picture Show (1971)
[Telephone Conversation]
Duane Jackson: Hi Jacy, it's Duane.
Jacy Farrow: What's on your feeble mind Duane?

Duane Jackson: I'll see you in a year or two if I don't get shot.

Jacy Farrow: [Duane is having trouble "performing" with Jacy in a motel room] Oh! What's the matter with you?
Duane Jackson: I don't know, I don't know... something's happened.
Jacy Farrow: Well, get off me a minute, for goodness sakes, you might fall down and mash me.
[He does]
Duane Jackson: Well, I don't know what happened.
Jacy Farrow: [furious] It was Mexico! No tellin' *what* you got down there... I just hate you! I don't know why I ever went with you!
Duane Jackson: I don't know what happened.
Jacy Farrow: [exasperated] Well, put your clothes on, you think I wanna sit around here lookin' at you naked? I might've known you couldn't do it. Now I'll never get to not be a virgin. What'll we tell everybody? The whole class knows! I just want to cry! You're about the meanest boy I ever saw! My mama was dead right about you.
Duane Jackson: Well, I don't know what happened.
Jacy Farrow: Don't go out there! We haven't had time to do it. They'd know! I don't want one soul to know. You'd better not tell one soul!
[picks up her clothes]
Jacy Farrow: You just pretend it was *wonderful*!
Duane Jackson: Well, I'm sorry, I don't know what happened.
Jacy Farrow: Oh! If you say that one more time, I'll BITE you!