Kee Nang
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Kee Nang (Character)
from The Golden Child (1986)

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The Golden Child (1986)
Kee Nang: We'll be there soon.
Chandler Jarrell: Yeah, well, ya' better have a spatula where we're goin' cause my ass is frozen to this yak.

Chandler Jarrell: So, tell me about this dream.
Kee Nang: Some part's real, some part's dream.
Chandler Jarrell: So this scar on my arm's real.
Kee Nang: Right.
Chandler Jarrell: What about Numsie?
Kee Nang: Numspaa, Sardo Numspaa.
Chandler Jarrell: Yeah.
Kee Nang: He's very real.
Chandler Jarrell: You know, you were there, and you said some things that seemed pretty real...
Kee Nang: That part was dream!
Chandler Jarrell: I was just checking.

Kee Nang: [after shielding Chandler from Sardo's arrow, Kee confesses why she stayed with him before she dies] I didn't spend... the night with you to obligate you. I spent the night with you... because I love you.

Kee Nang: Gompa, I have ruined myself with the American. He is a fool.
The Old Man: But he's brave.
Kee Nang: He is irresponsible.
The Old Man: But he's generous.
Kee Nang: He thinks of nothing but protecting his own feelings.
The Old Man: But if you touch his heart, there's nothing he wouldn't do for you.
Kee Nang: He believes in nothing.
The Old Man: Yet, still he does what is right.
Kee Nang: He is a callous, thoughtless, undisciplined fool.
The Old Man: [chuckles] Yes. I, too, like him very much. It's very hard not to.

Chandler Jarrell: They're not gonna let me on the plane with this 2 foot knife.
Kee Nang: Yes they will.
Chandler Jarrell: No they won't. I'm going to jail.

Kee Nang: She's over 300 years old.
Chandler Jarrell: How do you manage something like that?
Kee Nang: One of her ancestors was raped by a dragon.
Chandler Jarrell: Does that happen a lot where you come from?