Ariel Moore
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Ariel Moore (Character)
from Footloose (1984)

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Footloose (1984)
Chuck: I thought only pansies wore neckties.
Ren: See that? I thought only assholes used the word "pansy".
Ariel: You gotta get on that one, Chuck!
Chuck: SHUT UP! Son of a bitch is gonna pay for that!

Ariel: Hey Ren! When this hat flies in the air, you better have your butt in gear.

Ren: What are you doing here?
Ariel: Watching.
Ren: I thought I was alone.
Ariel: Not in this town. There's eyes everywhere.

Reverend Shaw Moore: Were you drinking?
Ariel: No.
Reverend Shaw Moore: Smoking something?
Ariel: No! I wasn't stealing, I wasn't gambling, I wasn't dancing, I wasn't reading books I'm not supposed to! I am late!
Reverend Shaw Moore: Who were you with?
Ariel: Ren McCormick.
Reverend Shaw Moore: I don't want you to see him anymore.
Ariel: Why not?
Reverend Shaw Moore: Because I've heard he's a troublemaker.
Ariel: Just because he hasn't lived in this town for 20 years doesn't make him a troublemaker!
Reverend Shaw Moore: Ariel, I don't know what I'm going to do with you.
Ariel: There ain't nothing to *do* with me, Daddy. You like it or not, this is it. It doesn't get much better.

Reverend Shaw Moore: I think it's Heyden, a chamber piece.
Ariel: And that kind of music's okay?
Reverend Shaw Moore: It's uplifting. It doesn't confuse people's minds and bodies.

Ariel: [to her father, the town preacher] I just don't know that I believe in everything you believe in. But I believe in you.

Ariel: I'm no saint you know. I'm not even a virgin.
Reverend Shaw Moore: Don't you talk like that here!
Ariel: Why not? Isn't this where I'm supposed to come to confess my sins to my preacher? In CHURCH! I ask to be forgiven! Am I?

Ariel: Do you wanna kiss me?
Ren: Someday.
Ariel: [Gets in Ren's car] What's this "someday" shit?
Ren: Well, it's just I get the feeling you've been kissed a lot, and I'm afraid I'd suffer by comparison.

Ariel: How come you don't like me?
Ren: What makes you think that I don't like you?
Ariel: You never talk to me at school. You never *look* at me!
Ren: Yeah, well maybe that's because if I did, your boyfriend would remove my lungs with a spoon.

Footloose (2011)
Ariel Moore: I have been so lost! I've been losing my mind! And you don't ever see it! You don't even care!
Rev. Shaw Moore: Of course I care. Of course we care. We don't expect you to understand everything we do that's intended to keep you safe.
Ariel Moore: Stop it! I hate it when you treat me like I'm a child!
Rev. Shaw Moore: Well, whether you like it or not, young lady! You are my child!
Ariel Moore: I'm not even a virgin!
Rev. Shaw Moore: Please... Please don't talk like that in here.
Ariel Moore: Well, what are you gonna do? Pass another law? 'Cause that sure as hell didn't keep him out of my panties!

Ren MacCormack: What are you doing here?
Ariel Moore: What are *you* doing here?
Ren MacCormack: Well, I thought I was alone.
Ariel Moore: Not in this town, you're not. There are eyes everywhere.

Ariel Moore: What was all that?
Ren MacCormack: What was all what?
Ariel Moore: [waving her arms, laughs] All that!
Ren MacCormack: I was just letting off some steam. I'm sure you have your own wicked ways.
Ariel Moore: You think I'm a slut or something?
Ren MacCormack: I think you've been kissed a lot.

Ariel Moore: I can see how that works out for you, just blame everything on Ren. Just like you blamed everything on Bobby.
Rev. Shaw Moore: What?
Ariel Moore: Bobby spent his whole life trying to make you proud. He made good grades, he went to church every Sunday and God help him because he made one mistake. Now nobody remembers the good things about Bobby, all they remember is that damn accident! Why don't we have a school dance? It's because of Bobby! Why do we have this stupid curfew? Because of Bobby! Bobby is to blame for all this bullshit!
Rev. Shaw Moore: You lower your voice! Talk in a civil tongue!
Ariel Moore: What? Isn't this my church? Isn't it? Isn't this where we're supposed to talk about our problems? It's been three damn years, so why don't we start talking?