Reverend Shaw Moore
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Reverend Shaw Moore (Character)
from Footloose (1984)

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Footloose (1984)
Reverend Shaw Moore: If our Lord wasn't testing us, how would you account for the proliferation, these days, of this obscene rock and roll music, with its gospel of easy sexuality and relaxed morality?

Reverend Shaw Moore: Even if this was not a law, which it is, I'm afraid I would have a lot of difficulty endorsing an enterprise which is as fraught with genuine peril as I believe this one to be. Besides the liquor and the drugs which always seem to accompany such an event the thing that distresses me even more, Ren, is the spiritual corruption that can be involved. These dances and this kind of music can be destructive, and, uh, Ren, I'm afraid you're going to find most of the people in our community are gonna agree with me on this.

Andy Beamis: You're the last folks I expected to see around here tonight.
Reverend Shaw Moore: Hi Andy.
Vi Moore: Hi Andy.
Andy Beamis: It was a good thing you did here tonight, Reverend
Reverend Shaw Moore: I'm still not sure it was the right thing to do.
Andy Beamis: Comes pretty close.

Reverend Shaw Moore: Were you drinking?
Ariel: No.
Reverend Shaw Moore: Smoking something?
Ariel: No! I wasn't stealing, I wasn't gambling, I wasn't dancing, I wasn't reading books I'm not supposed to! I am late!
Reverend Shaw Moore: Who were you with?
Ariel: Ren McCormick.
Reverend Shaw Moore: I don't want you to see him anymore.
Ariel: Why not?
Reverend Shaw Moore: Because I've heard he's a troublemaker.
Ariel: Just because he hasn't lived in this town for 20 years doesn't make him a troublemaker!
Reverend Shaw Moore: Ariel, I don't know what I'm going to do with you.
Ariel: There ain't nothing to *do* with me, Daddy. You like it or not, this is it. It doesn't get much better.

Reverend Shaw Moore: I think it's Heyden, a chamber piece.
Ariel: And that kind of music's okay?
Reverend Shaw Moore: It's uplifting. It doesn't confuse people's minds and bodies.

Ariel: I'm no saint you know. I'm not even a virgin.
Reverend Shaw Moore: Don't you talk like that here!
Ariel: Why not? Isn't this where I'm supposed to come to confess my sins to my preacher? In CHURCH! I ask to be forgiven! Am I?

Reverend Shaw Moore: I'm standing up here before you today... with a very troubled heart. You see, my friends... I've always insisted on... taking responsibility for your lives. But, I'm really... like a first-time parent... who makes mistakes... and tries to learn from them. And like that parent... I find myself at that moment when I have to decide. Do I hold on... or do I trust you to yourselves? Let go and hope that you've understood... at least some of my lessons. If we don't start trusting our children... how will they ever become trustworthy? I'm told that the senior class at the high school... has gotten use of the warehouse in Bayson... for the purpose of putting on a senior dance. Please... join me to pray to the Lord to guide them in their endeavors.

Reverend Shaw Moore: [discussing Ariel] We're losing her, Vi. Don't you see that?
Vi Moore: No. I see you chasing after her and I see her running from you.
Reverend Shaw Moore: She's become so willful, so obstinate.
Vi Moore: She's like her father. The two of you were so wonderful once. You had so much to talk about. I was almost jealous.
Reverend Shaw Moore: It's not as if we don't talk. It's just that sometimes people run out of things to say.
Vi Moore: Shaw, it's 20 years now I've been a minister's wife. And I've been quiet, supportive, unobtrusive and after 20 years I still think you're a wonderful, a wonderful preacher. You can lift a congregation up so high they have to look down to see heaven. But it's the one to one where you need a little work.

Vi Moore: None of this is going to undue one stupid accident.
Reverend Shaw Moore: I'm responsible for the spiritual life of this community.
Vi Moore: Shaw, you can't be a father to everybody. You can't do that.
Reverend Shaw Moore: I thought that at least *you* believed in me.
Vi Moore: [whispering] I never stopped.

Vi Moore: [embracing] Shaw?
Reverend Shaw Moore: What?
Vi Moore: We're almost dancing.

Reverend Shaw Moore: [to Ariel] Your mother didn't think you had any money with you.

Coach Roger Dunbar: Doesn't take long for corruption to take root, Reverend.
Reverend Shaw Moore: And how long is that, Roger? About as long as it takes for compassion to die?

Footloose (2011)
Ariel Moore: I have been so lost! I've been losing my mind! And you don't ever see it! You don't even care!
Rev. Shaw Moore: Of course I care. Of course we care. We don't expect you to understand everything we do that's intended to keep you safe.
Ariel Moore: Stop it! I hate it when you treat me like I'm a child!
Rev. Shaw Moore: Well, whether you like it or not, young lady! You are my child!
Ariel Moore: I'm not even a virgin!
Rev. Shaw Moore: Please... Please don't talk like that in here.
Ariel Moore: Well, what are you gonna do? Pass another law? 'Cause that sure as hell didn't keep him out of my panties!

[first lines]
Rev. Shaw Moore: *He* is testing us. Our Lord is testing us. Especially now, when we are consumed with despair. When we are asking our God why this had to happen. No parent should ever have to know the horror of burying their own child. And yet, five of Bomont's brightest have lost their lives. Among them, my only son... my boy, Bobby. We have other children to raise here in Bomont. And one day, they will no longer be in our embrace and in our care. They will belong to the world. A world filled with evil, and temptation, and danger. But until that day, they are ours to protect. That is the lesson to be taken from this tragedy. That is our test. We cannot be missing from our children's lives.

Rev. Shaw Moore: I am standing before you today with a troubled heart. I've insisted on taking responsibility for your lives. That I am really, just like a first-time parent, who makes mistakes and learns as he goes along. And like that parent, I find myself at that moment when I have to decide. Do I hold on or do I trust you to yourselves? Do I let go and hope that you have understood my lessons? If we don't start trusting our children, how will they ever become trustworthy. I'm told that the senior class of Bomont High School has secured the use of a warehouse in nearby Bayson for a senior dance. Please join me in keeping them in our prayers that our Lord would guide them in their endeavors.

Ariel Moore: I can see how that works out for you, just blame everything on Ren. Just like you blamed everything on Bobby.
Rev. Shaw Moore: What?
Ariel Moore: Bobby spent his whole life trying to make you proud. He made good grades, he went to church every Sunday and God help him because he made one mistake. Now nobody remembers the good things about Bobby, all they remember is that damn accident! Why don't we have a school dance? It's because of Bobby! Why do we have this stupid curfew? Because of Bobby! Bobby is to blame for all this bullshit!
Rev. Shaw Moore: You lower your voice! Talk in a civil tongue!
Ariel Moore: What? Isn't this my church? Isn't it? Isn't this where we're supposed to talk about our problems? It's been three damn years, so why don't we start talking?