Louise Grant
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Louise Grant (Character)
from "Gilmore Girls" (2000)

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"Gilmore Girls: They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They? (#3.7)" (2002)
[Paris wants to spend Saturday working on the newspaper]
Paris Geller: This is the seventy-fifth anniversary issue. There is only going to be one seventy-fifth anniversary issue ever, and it's on our watch. We screw this up and we basically mooned a piece of history. Is that what you want? To B.A. history?
Madeline Lynn: But I don't understand. Last year was the seventy-fourth anniversary issue of the Franklin.
Paris Geller: So?
Madeline Lynn: So there's only gonna be one seventy-fourth anniversary issue ever and we didn't do anything special for it.
Louise Grant: I think the cover was of a deep-fried Mars bar.
Paris Geller: That's because nobody cares about the seventy-fourth anniversary issue.
Madeline Lynn: I bet the person who worked on it seventy-four years ago did.
Paris Geller: [exasperated] We're working Saturday!
[she walks away and goes outside with Rory, muttering angrily]
Paris Geller: "Why are we working Saturday, Paris? What's so special about the seventy-fifth issue, Paris? Why does my head feel so light and yet not float away, Paris?"

"Gilmore Girls: Dear Emily and Richard (#3.13)" (2003)
Madeline Lynn: I called last night and asked her to talk me through the Korean War, and she said she was busy.
Louise Grant: Oh she's definitely got a boyfriend.
Madeline Lynn: I know.
Louise Grant: Well I for one think it's about time.
Madeline Lynn: I agree.
Louise Grant: It wasn't healthy, all that non-dating.
Madeline Lynn: Definitely didn't help that whole skin thing she was going through.
Louise Grant: How come she didn't tell us?
Madeline Lynn: I think she just wanted to make sure it was going to take.
Louise Grant: So, tell us, what's this Jamie like?
Rory: You know, I really don't feel like talking about Paris right now. Or ever.
Madeline Lynn: Oh, come on, you know him, we don't.
Louise Grant: Is he sexy?
Madeline Lynn: Does he have a good car?
Louise Grant: How's the trust fund?
Madeline Lynn: How's the profile?
Louise Grant: Will the prom pictures work?
Madeline Lynn: How are his friends?
Louise Grant: Yes! Is there spinoff potential?
[Paris walks by]
Louise Grant: Whoops.
Madeline Lynn: [to Rory] Bye!

"Gilmore Girls: The Third Lorelai (#1.18)" (2001)
Louise Grant: Those who simply wait for information to find them spend a lot of time sitting by the phone. Those who find it themselves have something to say when it rings.
Rory: Nietzsche?
Louise Grant: Dawson.
Rory: My next guess.

"Gilmore Girls: A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving (#3.9)" (2002)
Madeline Lynn: That was really distracting.
Paris Geller: Oh. Well, by all means, Madeline, you should point out to the faculty that their annoying custom of teaching is distracting you from more important things like nail filing and daydreaming about marrying Ryan Phillippe.
Louise Grant: Uh, he's already married.
Paris Geller: Then whatever strawhead actor isn't.
Madeline Lynn: This was bad. For the last five minutes, every single thing she said sounded dirty.
Louise Grant: Yeah, same here.
Paris Geller: Good God.
Madeline Lynn: I mean, reticulum? Come on.
Louise Grant: Plus, the golgi body. I mean, is it me or is that majorly pornographic?
Paris Geller: My life with the Banger sisters.

"Gilmore Girls: Concert Interruptus (#1.13)" (2001)
Paris Geller: Are you seriously gonna wear that? Those are *used* clothes!
Louise Grant: Vintage, dear.
Paris Geller: Filthy, darling.

"Gilmore Girls: Here Comes the Son (#3.21)" (2003)
Rory: Louise, what is your grandmother wearing to graduation?
Louise: Hopefully the pearls I get when she kicks.