Jason Stiles
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Jason Stiles (Character)
from "Gilmore Girls" (2000)

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"Gilmore Girls: Tick, Tick, Tick, Boom! (#4.18)" (2004)
Jason Stiles: Plants need light.
Lorelai Gilmore: They do?
Jason Stiles: It's the photo part of photosynthesize.
Lorelai Gilmore: Oh, don't some plants just synthesize?
Jason Stiles: They really need the photo part.
Lorelai Gilmore: None of the plants I had ever needed light.
Jason Stiles: Any of 'em lived?
Lorelai Gilmore: Oh, insight!

Jason Stiles: I have a gigantic bottle of vodka at my place: the largest bottle of vodka known to man.
Lorelai Gilmore: But what will *you* drink?
Jason Stiles: Gin.
Lorelai Gilmore: Let's go.

"Gilmore Girls: Die, Jerk (#4.8)" (2003)
Jason Stiles: Hey, did you get any flowers lately?
Lorelai Gilmore: Uh, several times. Apparantly I have a secret admirer.
Jason Stiles: I signed all the cards "Jason".
Lorelai Gilmore: I thought it was Jason Priestley!
Jason Stiles: You're disappointed.
Lorelai Gilmore: No, I just wish I hadn't slept with Jason Priestley.

Lorelai Gilmore: Jason, this is my daughter, Rory. Rory, Jason.
Rory Gilmore: Right, Scooper!
Lorelai Gilmore: Digger.
Rory Gilmore: Sorry, Digger.
Jason Stiles: It's nice to meet you. And I don't really go by Digger anymore.
Lorelai Gilmore: What is it, P. Digger now?

"Gilmore Girls: Girls in Bikinis, Boys Doin' the Twist (#4.17)" (2004)
Lorelai: I over slept again.
Jason Stiles: I know.
Lorelai: Why didn't you get me up?
Jason Stiles: I tried and you bit me.
Lorelai: I did not bite you.
[he shows her his hand]
Lorelai: I did bite you... cool!

"Gilmore Girls: The Nanny and the Professor (#4.10)" (2004)
Lorelai Gilmore: My mother said she didn't wear any underwear.
Jason Stiles: Emily didn't wear any underwear?
Lorelai Gilmore: Your date didn't wear any underwear!

"Gilmore Girls: The Reigning Lorelai (#4.16)" (2004)
Jason: There was a real bad time in my family when we had someone die about once a month. Yeah, for about a year they were dropping like flies.

"Gilmore Girls: An Affair to Remember (#4.6)" (2003)
Jason: Lorelai Gilmore, you sure grew up good.
Lorelai: Oh, did I, Digger? Thanks. Listen, why didn't you return my calls?
Jason: Cause I hadn't seen you yet.
Lorelai: Four times. You never called me back.
Jason: I'll call you back now. What's your number?
Lorelai: 976-BITE-ME.