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Dean Forester (Character)
from "Gilmore Girls" (2000)

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"Gilmore Girls: They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They? (#3.7)" (2002)
Rory: I used to hang up on Dean all the time.
Dean: You did?
Lane: I remember that!
Dean: When did you hang up on me?
Rory: Right when we first met.
Dean: You should have just said something.
Rory: I couldn't do that.
Dean: Why not?
Rory: Because then you would have known that I was calling, and therefore that I liked you.
Dean: Yes, but I liked you too.
Rory: Well, I know that now.
Dean: You could have known that then.
Rory: Dean, please, this is a girl thing.

Lorelai Gilmore: The team needs you!
Dean: What team?
Lorelai Gilmore: Pick a team, it needs you!

Dean: Rory, get your stuff and let's go.
Jess: Ooh, that was good. Now say, "Get in there and make me my dinner!"

"Gilmore Girls: Love, Daisies and Troubadours (#1.21)" (2001)
Rory: Dean!
Dean: What?
Rory: Stop...
Dean: Why?
Rory: Because I love you, you idiot.

Dean: Clara? What's the matter?
Clara Forester: The girlscout scared me!

"Gilmore Girls: Pilot (#1.1)" (2000)
Dean: So, how are you liking Moby Dick?
Rory: Oh, it's really good.
Dean: Yeah?
Rory: Yeah, it's my first Melville.
Dean: Cool.
Rory: I mean, I know it's kind of cliché to pick Moby Dick as your first Melville but... Hey, how did you know I was reading Moby Dick?
Dean: Uh, well, I've been watching you.
Rory: Watching me?
Dean: I mean, not in a creepy, like, "I'm watching you" sort of way. I just - I've noticed you.
Rory: Me?
Dean: Yeah.
Rory: When?
Dean: Every day. After school you come out and you sit under that tree there and you read. Last week it was Madame Bovary. This week it's Moby Dick.
Rory: But why would you...
Dean: Because you're nice to look at, and because you've got unbelievable concentration.
Rory: What?
Dean: Last Friday these two guys were tossing around a ball and one guy nailed the other right in the face. I mean, it was a mess, blood everywhere, the nurse came out, the place was in chaos, his girlfriend was all freaking out, and you just sat there and read. I mean, you never even looked up. I thought, "I have never seen anyone read so intensely before in my entire life. I have to meet that girl."
Rory: Maybe I just didn't look up because I'm unbelievably self-centered.
Dean: Maybe, but I doubt it.

"Gilmore Girls: Rory's Dance (#1.9)" (2000)
Dean Forester: [Tristan hits on Rory] What the hell do you think you're doing?
[pushes Tristan]
Tristin Dugray: You will NOT push me again.
Dean Forester: Are you seriously trying to act tough? You're wearing a tie, for God's sake!
Tristin Dugray: Outside, now!
Dean Forester: I'm not fighting you! It'd be like fighting an accountant. I'll call you when I need my taxes done.

"Gilmore Girls: Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller (#5.1)" (2004)
Dean Forester: I love you, Rory.
Rory: I love you too, Dean.
[they both smile. Rory suddenly realizes that she's lying on Dean's hand, and the bed is uncomfortably small]
Rory: Are you comfortable? Am I killing your arm.
Dean Forester: My arm is fine.
Rory: I can move...
Dean Forester: Don't you dare move.
Rory: This right here, is - the textbook definition of a perfect moment.
Dean Forester: [laughs] Yeah, it is.

"Gilmore Girls: Norman Mailer, I'm Pregnant! (#5.6)" (2004)
Rory Gilmore: They say absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Dean Forester: Yeah. Sex can do that also.

"Gilmore Girls: A-Tisket, A-Tasket (#2.13)" (2002)
Rory Gilmore: Please, don't walk away like that!
Dean Forester: Sorry, I'd do a silly walk, but I'm not feeling very John Cleese right now.

"Gilmore Girls: Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers (#1.16)" (2001)
Rory: We're having one of those moments, right now.
Dean: What moment's?
Rory: One of those moment's when everything is so perfect and so wonderful that... you almost feel sad because nothing could ever be this good again.
Dean: So, basically, I'm depressing you?
Rory: Yep.
Dean: [chuckles] You're very weird.
Rory: And you're wonderful.

"Gilmore Girls: The Incredible Sinking Lorelais (#4.14)" (2004)
Rory Gilmore: Are you still going to school too?
Dean Forester: Part time, but everything's good, I've got a 5 year plan.
Rory Gilmore: 5 years? Cool... I've got about the next 2 and a half hours planned... then there's just darkness... and possibly some dragons.

"Gilmore Girls: Hammers and Veils (#2.2)" (2001)
Rory Gilmore: Dean, I promise, the *only* way you could be more important to me is if you had a kit-kat bar growing out of your head.
Dean Forester: [pause] I won't make any promises, but I'll work on that.

"Gilmore Girls: Cinnamon's Wake (#1.5)" (2000)
Dean: Do you have a second?
Rory: No... I have gum.

"Gilmore Girls: Face-Off (#3.15)" (2003)
Kirk: [Kirk is commentating on the ice hockey game] Number 12 has it now. He's skating. He's skating. My bet is he's going to try to whack it into that net thingy but that's conjecture at this point. Now it's going the other way and they're hitting it between them. Number 7 has it, now number 3, now 7, 3 again, 10's got it
Dean: Kirk just to let you know, some of the other guys, not me ,you know, but some of the guys say they're going to rip your head off if you don't shut up, okay?

"Gilmore Girls: Richard in Stars Hollow (#2.12)" (2002)
Richard: How tall are you?
Dean: Why? You wanna dance?
Richard: No, thank you... I appreciate the offer though.

"Gilmore Girls: P.S. I Lo... (#1.20)" (2001)
Dean: [Dean enters Kim's antiques] Hello? Lane are you here?
Mrs. Kim: [Mrs. Kim pops out from behind a piece of furniture] Who are you? Why you call Lane? How you know her? You date her?
Dean: No.
Mrs. Kim: You try to?
Dean: No!
Mrs. Kim: Then why you here? Empty your pockets!
Dean: OK. I'm gonna go now.
Lane: Dean! Wait! Wait!
Mrs. Kim: Who's Dean?
Dean: I'm Dean.
Mrs. Kim: How you know Dean?
Lane: We go to school together.
Mrs. Kim: You do?
Dean: Yeah, we're science partners.
Mrs. Kim: You! Don't talk!
[to Lane]
Mrs. Kim: Science Partners?
Lane: Yes mamma. I've invited him over to work.
Mrs. Kim: Work?
Lane: On our science project.
Mrs. Kim: [Suspiciously] Reproduction?
Lane: Spores, molds and fungus.
Mrs. Kim: Science project?
Lane: Yes.
Mrs. Kim: For School? You're not dating?
Lane: No mamma.
Mrs. Kim: Ok. Follow me.
[She leads them to the kitchen]
Mrs. Kim: [To Dean] You! Sit here!
[To Lane]
Mrs. Kim: You! Sit here! I'm going there. When I come back these chairswill be in the same place. No moving! You understand?
[She walks away but turns back to Lane and Dean]
Mrs. Kim: I See All!