Ali Willis
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Ali Willis (Character)
from Bully (2001)

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Bully (2001)
Donny: Shit, I never knew nobody who killed somebody.
Alice 'Ali' Willis: Me neither.
Heather: Just my grandpa. I never knew him. Yeah. My grandpa was a bad drunk. Really bad. He'd rape anyone dumb enough to walk by his room and one night... he got... um, really pissed at my grandma and he took a claw hammer to her face. And, uh, after that, he just... he locked himself up with her in his room for two whole days and he kept drinking and having sex with her after she was dead. My mom was in the house the whole time.
Donny: Fuck.
Heather: She was only 15.
Alice 'Ali' Willis: Holy shit.
Heather: You know, it really messed with her head. After that, she only hung out with guys who beat the hell out of her. And when I was little, she'd get drunk and she'd drag me and my brother out of bed at, like, four in the morning and she had all the news clippings about my grandpa and the trial transcriptions and she'd read them over and over again. And I knew every word before kindergarten. I think that's how I learned to read.

Alice 'Ali' Willis: You're so hot.
Bobby Kent: I'm not hot, baby, I'm just big.

Bobby Kent: You call that going out?
Alice 'Ali' Willis: I don't know!
Bobby Kent: I call it a fucking blowjob! A damn fine blowjob, but a blowjob all the same.

"Murder Among Friends: Murder Pact (#1.2)" (2016)
Detective Frank Illaraza: Was Bobby attracted to men?
Ali Willis: I wouldn't say Bobby was gay. but he was definitely bi.