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Psycho Dad (Character)
from "Married with Children" (1987)

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"Married with Children: I Want My Psycho Dad (#9.12)" (1994)
Psycho Dad: Yes, quit. Quit, apologize, and renounce forever the character of Psycho Dad. If this is the kind of following that I inspire, then I'm afraid I must stop leading. However, since the network's offering me big bucks, be sure to watch me in my new show: "Lefkowitz: Special Education Teacher's Aid". Thank you. And to you, Al: goodbye, and, uh, get help.
Ike: I can't believe Psycho Dad would sell us out.
Al: That's not Psycho Dad talking. He doesn't use words like "character" or "education" or "Lefkowitz". He's been brainwashed by people like Marcy and her do-gooders. Well, we've got to think of something.
Griff: Use the power of our giant manly brains?
Al: No, that'll take too long.

Psycho Dad: [Reading Al's letter] "I like you. I really, really like you. No, not in that way. So please don't let them take you off, I beg you, fight this thing like you would fight a varmit or an ex-wife. Your friend, Al; P.S. What does Barbara Eden look like naked?"
Jefferson: Barbara Eden?
Bob Rooney: She's 1,000.
Al: I didn't mean now.

Psycho Dad: [Al had sent in a letter he made by cutting out letters of words in magazines] I'd like to read this letter to you now. "Dear Psycho Dad," spelled S-Y-K-O.
Al: You try and find P's and H's in USA Today.

Psycho Dad: Sure the cancellation was a shock. I felt heart, I've been rejected, I thought, "Well, nobody cares anymore about a simple saga of a guy run amuck in the old west."
Al: The man's a freaking poet.

Psycho Dad: This letter arrived today.
Al: Maybe that's my letter.
Psycho Dad: It came "Postage Due".
Al: It is my letter.