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Vinnie Verducci (Character)
from "Married with Children" (1987)

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"Married with Children: Top of the Heap (#5.20)" (1991)
Vinnie Verducci: Don't worry, Pop. There are plenty of opportunities out there for a smart guy like me.
Charlie Verducci: [sarcastic] Oh, definitely, definitely. You think you're smart? Name any one of the Great Lakes.
Vinnie Verducci: Lake Fulbert. Remember? That lake up in Wisconsin where we traveled to on summers back when I was younger and where you taught me how to swim. That was a great lake.

Mona Mullins: Hi Vinnie.
Vinnie Verducci: Hi Mona.
Mona Mullins: Vinnie, could you tell your father that my mother needs everything in her apartment fixed... right now?
Vinnie Verducci: Everything in her apartment? Why?
Mona Mullins: Because then we can spend the next two weeks in here, all alone.
[Vinnie looks at Charlie sitting nearby who makes a gesture to get rid of her]
Vinnie Verducci: Mona, why don't you come back a little later?
Mona Mullins: Really? When?
Vinnie Verducci: When you're no longer a fellony.

Vinnie Verducci: Don't worry about your lost TV set, Mr. Bundy. I'll buy you a new TV when I get the money. I got myself a new job.
Charlie Verducci: Yeah, share my pride. He's a busboy! Al... you're not much more then a busboy. My kid is at a difficult stage in his life where he might turn into a you. Can you have a talk with him? Give him some words of encouragement to what to do with this life.
Al: Whatever job or career you choose, don't marry. Don't marry! Marriage is only good for the woman. They steal a man's youth, his paycheck, and his dreams. Oh, and then their butt gets big. They get so fat until you die from suicide or a heart attack, and then their butt get small and skinny again until the next guy comes along to marry them and then it's full circle.

"Married with Children: Oldies But Young 'Uns (#5.17)" (1991)
Kelly Bundy: [to Vinnie] I'm not home!
Vinnie Verducci: Then is it okay if I wait?
Bud Bundy: [to Peggy] Mom, if my mixed up theory at the hospital is correct, I'd say we just found Kelly's natural brother.

Peggy Bundy: I know what you're thinking: "How can a woman barely out of Highschool herself be possibly the mother to a teenage daughter"?.
Vinnie Verducci: Actually I was thinking if we had trolls under our building. I mean, sometimes I hear noises. My dad says it's the pipes but now I wonder.
Bud Bundy: [annoyed] Look, I'm not a troll, I'm a boy you idiot!