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Linus Van Pelt (Character)
from A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) (TV)

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It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966) (TV)
[first lines]
[Lucy scoops out the innards of the pumpkin Linus brought]
Linus: [groans] You didn't tell me you were gonna kill it!

Linus: [to Sally as she walks away with everyone else] Hey, aren't you going to wait and greet the Great Pumpkin? Huh? It won't be long now. If the Great Pumpkin comes, I'll still put in a good word for you!
[realizes what he just said]
Linus: Good grief! I said "if"! I meant, "when" he comes!
Linus: I'm doomed. One little slip like that could cause the Great Pumpkin to pass you by.
[calling out]
Linus: Oh, Great Pumpkin, where are you?

Linus: He'll come here because I have the most sincere pumpkin patch and he respects sincerity.
Sally Brown: Do you really think he will come?
Linus: Tonight the Great Pumpkin will rise out of the pumpkin patch. He flies through the air and brings toys to all the children of the world.
Sally Brown: That's a good story.
Linus: You don't believe the story of the Great Pumpkin? I thought little girls always believed everything that was told to them. I thought little girls were innocent and trusting.
Sally Brown: Welcome to the 20th century!

Linus: [explaining Sally about the Great Pumpkin] On Halloween night, the Great Pumpkin rises from his pumpkin patch and flies through the air with his bag of toys to all the children.

Linus: Each year, the Great Pumpkin rises out of the pumpkin patch that he thinks is the most sincere. He's gotta pick this one. He's got to. I don't see how a pumpkin patch can be more sincere than this one. You can look around and there's not a sign of hypocrisy. Nothing but sincerity as far as the eye can see.

Linus: Never jump into a pile of leaves with a wet sucker.

Linus: There he is! There he is! It's the Great Pumpkin! He's rising out of the pumpkin patch!
[Linus faints and the "Pumpkin" is really Snoopy, meanwhile Sally is seething]
Linus: What happened? Did I faint? What did he leave us? Did he leave us any toys?

Linus: [hears rustling] What's that?
Linus: What's that?

Linus: [to Charlie Brown after Sally just ripped him a new one] You've heard of the fury of a woman scorned, haven't you?
Charlie Brown: Yeah, I guess I have.
Linus: Well, that's nothing compared to the fury of a woman who has been cheated out of trick-or-treats.

Linus: [seeing everyone whose going trick-or-treating arrive at the pumpkin patch] Have you come to sing pumpkin carols?

[last lines]
Charlie Brown: Well, another Halloween has come and gone.
Linus: Yes, Charlie Brown.
Charlie Brown: I don't understand it. I went trick-or-treating and all I got was a bag full of rocks. I suppose you spent all night in the pumpkin patch.
[Linus nods]
Charlie Brown: And the Great Pumpkin never showed up?
Linus: Nope.
Charlie Brown: Well, don't take it too hard, Linus. I've done a lot of stupid things in my life, too.
Linus: [furious] STUPID? What do you mean "stupid"? Just wait till next year, Charlie Brown. You'll see! Next year at this same time, I'll find a pumpkin patch that is *real* sincere and I'll sit in that pumpkin patch until the Great Pumpkin appears. He'll rise out of that pumpkin patch and he'll fly through the air with his bag of toys. The Great Pumpkin will appear and I'll be waiting for him! I'll be there! I'll be sitting there in that pumpkin patch... and I'll see the Great Pumpkin. Just wait and see, Charlie Brown. I'll see that Great Pumpkin. I'll SEE the Great Pumpkin! Just you wait, Charlie Brown. The Great Pumpkin will appear, and I'll be waiting for him...
[the screen fades out and the show ends in the most recent versions. However in the original airing, Linus continues shouting as the Dolly Madison Cakes and the Coca-Cola sponsor credits appear]
Linus: I'll be there! I'll be sitting there in that pumpkin patch... and I'll see the Great Pumpkin. Just wait and see.

Charlie Brown: Who are you writing to, Linus?
Linus: This is the time of year to write to the Great Pumpkin. On Halloween night, the Great Pumpkin rises out of his pumpkin patch and flies through the air with his bag of toys for all the children!
Charlie Brown: You must be crazy. When are you going to stop believing in something that isn't true?
Linus: When *you* stop believing in that fellow with a red suit and the white beard who goes, "Ho, ho, ho!"
Charlie Brown: We're obviously separated by denominational differences.

Linus: [writing] Dear Great Pumpkin, I am looking forward to your arrival on Halloween night. I hope you will bring me lots of presents.

Linus: [writing] You must get discouraged because more people believe in Santa Claus than in you. Well, let's face it; Santa Claus has had more publicity, but being #2, perhaps you try harder.
[Snoopy reads part of it and then begins to laugh hysterically out of the room as Linus scowls at him]

Patty: [as Linus is writing to the Great Pumpkin] You're wasting your time; the Great Pumpkin is a fake!
Linus: [writing] Everyone tells me you are a fake, but I believe in you. P.S.: If you really are a fake, don't tell me. I don't want to know.

Lucy Van Pelt: [as Linus writes a letter to the Great Pumpkin] Not again! Writing a letter to a stupid pumpkin? You make me the laughingstock of the neighborhood! All they talk about is my little brother who always writes to the Great Pumpkin.
[she holds up her fist at Linus]
Lucy Van Pelt: You better cut it out right now or I'll pound you!
Linus: There are three things that I've learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.

A Boy Named Charlie Brown (1969)
Linus Van Pelt: You know, Charlie Brown, they say we learn more from losing than from winning.
Charlie Brown: Then that must make me the smartest person in the world.

Linus Van Pelt: Life is difficult, isn't it, Charlie Brown?
Charlie Brown: Yes, it is. But I've developed a new philosophy. I only dread one day at a time.

Lucy Van Pelt: [Walks into Linus's bedroom and raises the shade] Wake up Linus. It's time to go to school.
Linus Van Pelt: Again?
Lucy Van Pelt: What do you mean 'again'?
Linus Van Pelt: [Snuggles back into bed] I went yesterday.
Lucy Van Pelt: Mom's already made your lunch.
[Sets it on his bed and walks out]
Linus Van Pelt: [Sits up in bed, sighs] Guess I might as well go to school. I can't waste a good lunch.

Linus Van Pelt: Don't be discouraged, Charlie Brown. You have nothing to lose. You'll either be the hero, or a goat.
[Snoopy, who is standing next to him, bleats like a goat, then walks away]

Linus Van Pelt: Here, run over to the drinking fountain and soak this handkerchief in cold water.
[Lucy skeptically examines the handkerchief]
Lucy Van Pelt: You're kidding. With a head like Charlie Brown's, you'll need a bedsheet.
Charlie Brown: I'm dying! And all I hear are insults!

Linus Van Pelt: Well, I can understand how you feel. You worked hard, studying for the spelling bee, and I suppose you feel you let everyone down, and you made a fool of yourself and everything. But did you notice something, Charlie Brown?
Charlie Brown: What's that?
Linus Van Pelt: The world didn't come to an end.

Linus Van Pelt: [At the bus stop returning home] I guess nobody realized that we were returning.

Linus Van Pelt: My blanket... I can't be without it!

Linus Van Pelt: You look like you've been through shock treatment or something.
Charlie Brown: What's more shocking than having your faults projected on a screen?

[first lines]
Lucy Van Pelt: Aren't the clouds beautiful? They look like big balls of cotton. I could just lie here all day and watch them drift by. If you use your imagination, you can see lots of things in the cloud's formations. What do you think you see, Linus?
Linus Van Pelt: Well, those clouds up there look to me look like the map of the British Honduras on the Caribbean.
[points up]
Linus Van Pelt: That cloud up there looks a little like the profile of Thomas Eakins, the famous painter and sculptor. And that group of clouds over there...
Linus Van Pelt: me the impression of the Stoning of Stephen. I can see the Apostle Paul standing there to one side.
Lucy Van Pelt: Uh huh. That's very good. What do you see in the clouds, Charlie Brown?
Charlie Brown: Well... I was going to say I saw a duckie and a horsie, but I changed my mind.

Linus Van Pelt: This blanket is a necessity. It keeps me from cracking up. It may be regarded as a spiritual tourniquet. Without it, I'd be nothing, a ship without a rudder.

Happy New Year, Charlie Brown (1986) (TV)
Linus van Pelt: How are you doing with "War and Peace", Charlie Brown?
Charlie Brown: I've just finished reading the dust jacket.
Linus van Pelt: Many is the book report that has been written by just reading the dust jacket.

Sally Brown: I wonder when my sweet babboo is going to ask me to the party?
Linus van Pelt: I'm not your sweet babboo, and I wouldn't invite you to a *ga-rage* sale!
Sally Brown: Isn't he the cutest thing?

[last lines]
Linus van Pelt: Did you turn in your report?
Charlie Brown: [aghast] Yes.
Linus van Pelt: What did the teacher say about it? What grade did you get?
Charlie Brown: A D minus - the lowest grade without failing.
Linus van Pelt: Gee, I'm sorry, Charlie Brown.
Charlie Brown: The teacher said it looked like the sort of report that was written after midnight on the last day of Christmas vacation.
Linus van Pelt: What did you say?
Charlie Brown: What *could* I say? I congratulated her on her remarkable insight.
Linus van Pelt: Did you see what our next assignment is?
Charlie Brown: [lightens up] No! What is it?
Linus van Pelt: To read "Crime and Punishment" by Dostoevsky.
[Charlie Brown faints off his desk]
Linus van Pelt: Happy New Year, Charlie Brown.

Sally Brown: [on the phone with Linus] If you don't ask me to the party, I'll just go with someone else.
Linus van Pelt: Good. Go with someone else.

Linus van Pelt: Gee, Charlie Brown, I didn't know where you went. But wow, your friend is sure a good dancer!
Charlie Brown: You mean *she* was *here*? The Little Red-Haired Girl was here? And I missed her?

Linus van Pelt: When Leo Tolstoy was writing "War and Peace", his wife, Sonya, copied it for him seven times. And she did it by *candlelight*, *and* with a dip pen. And sometimes, she had to use a magnifying glass to make out what he had written.
Charlie Brown: Linus, I really...
Linus van Pelt: Had to do it after their child had been put to bed, and the servants had gone to their garrets, and it was quiet in the house. Just think, Charlie Brown: she wrote the book seven times with a dip pen. And you're telling me you can't even read it once?

Linus van Pelt: [to the Little Red-Haired Girl] Oh, hi. You're Heather, aren't you? Please come in. Charlie Brown told me he had invited you to the party. I don't know where Charlie Brown is right now, but would you like to dance?

Linus van Pelt: Hurry up, Charlie Brown, we'll be late for school.
[he and Charlie Brown get on their way, with Charlie yawning after finishing "War and Peace"]
Linus van Pelt: Did you finish "War and Peace", Charlie Brown?
Charlie Brown: I finished at 3 o'clock this morning.
Linus van Pelt: How did you like it, Charlie Brown?
Charlie Brown: I don't remember a thing.

Lucy van Pelt: Boy, we were just with Marcie. There's gonna be a great New Year's party!
Sally Brown: It's boy-ask-girl, and I just *know* my sweet baboo will ask me.
Linus van Pelt: I am not your sweet baboo, and I wouldn't invite you to a chicken race!
Sally Brown: Isn't he the cutest thing?
Lucy van Pelt: And I expect a certain piano player to ask *me*.
Charlie Brown: But I've got this book report to do.
Lucy van Pelt: I'm enrolling us in a dance class. A New Year's party is not a party without lots of dancing.

Charlie Brown: I've written an invitation to the Little Red-Haired Girl. I was afraid to call her. It's too late to mail it, so I thought I'd take it to her house, but I'm worried.
Linus van Pelt: Why? All you have to do is slip the letter into the mail slot in the front door of the house.
Charlie Brown: But what if my hand gets caught in the mail slot?
Linus van Pelt: That's ridiculous, Charlie Brown!
Charlie Brown: Well then, what if my hand gets caught in the mail slot, and while I'm hanging there, someone opens the door?
Linus van Pelt: Charlie Brown, you worry about the most impossible things.

A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) (TV)
Linus Van Pelt: I never thought it was such a bad little tree. It's not bad at all, really. Maybe it just needs a little love.

Charlie Brown: I guess you were right, Linus. I shouldn't have picked this little tree. Everything I do turns into a disaster. I guess I really don't know what Christmas is all about.
[shouting in desperation]
Charlie Brown: Isn't there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?
Linus Van Pelt: Sure, Charlie Brown, I can tell you what Christmas is all about.
[moves toward the center of the stage]
Linus Van Pelt: Lights, please.
[a spotlight shines on Linus]
Linus Van Pelt: "And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. And lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid. And the angel said unto them, 'Fear not:"
[Linus drops his security blanket on purpose]
Linus Van Pelt: "for behold, I bring unto you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the City of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.' And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host, praising God, and saying, 'Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.'"
[Luke 2:8-14 KJV]
Linus Van Pelt: [Linus picks up his blanket and walks back towards Charlie Brown] That's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.

Lucy Van Pelt: Linus, you've got to get rid of that stupid blanket, and here, memorize these lines.
Linus Van Pelt: I can't memorize these lines. This is ridiculous.
Lucy Van Pelt: Memorize it and be ready to recite when your cue comes.
Linus Van Pelt: I can't memorize something like this so quickly. Why should I be put through such agony? Give me one good reason why I should memorize this.
Lucy Van Pelt: I'll give you five good reasons.
[proceeds to make a fist out of her fingers]
Lucy Van Pelt: One, two, three, four, FIVE!
Linus Van Pelt: [begins shaking his head emphatically] Those are good reasons. Christmas is not only getting too commercial, it's getting too dangerous.
Lucy Van Pelt: And get rid of that stupid blanket! What's a Christmas shepherd gonna look like holding a stupid blanket like that?
Linus Van Pelt: Well, this is one Christmas shepherd who's going to keep his trusty blanket with him.
[Lucy raises her fist to strike Linus; Linus puts his blanket over his head like a headdress]
Linus Van Pelt: See? You wouldn't hurt an innocent shepherd, would you?

Patty: Try to catch snowflakes on your tongue. It's fun.
Linus Van Pelt: Mmm. Needs sugar.
Lucy Van Pelt: It's too early. I never eat December snowflakes. I always wait until January.
Linus Van Pelt: They sure look ripe to me.

Lucy Van Pelt: You think you're so smart with that blanket. What are you going to do with it when you grow up?
Linus Van Pelt: Maybe I'll make it into a sport coat.

[Linus knocks on an aluminum Christmas tree, which gives a metallic "clank"]
Linus Van Pelt: This really brings Christmas close to a person.
Charlie Brown: [gazes in amazement] Fantastic.

Linus Van Pelt: [after Linus and Charlie Brown discover the little tree] Gee, do they still make wooden Christmas trees?
Charlie Brown: This little green one here seems to need a home.
Linus Van Pelt: I don't know, Charlie Brown. Remember what Lucy said? This doesn't seem to fit the modern spirit.
Charlie Brown: I don't care. We'll decorate it and it'll be just right for our play. Besides, I think it needs me.
[picks up tree; a lot of needles fall off]

[first lines]
Charlie Brown: [Charlie Brown and Linus stop at a wall on their trip to the pond for ice skating] I think there must be something wrong with me, Linus. Christmas is coming, but I'm not happy. I don't feel the way I'm supposed to feel.
[begins to walk with Linus again]
Charlie Brown: I just don't understand Christmas, I guess. I like getting presents and sending Christmas cards and decorating trees and all that, but I'm still not happy. I always end up feeling depressed.
Linus Van Pelt: Charlie Brown, you're the only person I know who can take a wonderful season like Christmas and turn it into a problem. Maybe Lucy's right. Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, you're the Charlie Browniest.

Charlie Brown: Sally, come here.
Linus Van Pelt: What do you want her for?
Charlie Brown: She's gonna be your wife.
[Sally is seen surrounded by hearts and clapping her hands in glee]
Linus Van Pelt: Good grief.
Sally: Isn't he the cutest thing?
[Linus hides himself under his blanket]
Sally: He has the nicest sense of humor.

It Was a Short Summer, Charlie Brown (1969) (TV)
Lucy: Look at this, a big yellow butterfly. It's unusual to see one of those at this time of year, unless of course, it flew up from Brazil. I'll bet that's it. They DO that sometimes, you know. They fly up from Brazil, and they...
Linus: [interrupting] This is no butterfly, this is a potato chip.
Lucy: Well, I'll be, so it is. I wonder how a potato chip got all the way up here from Brazil?

Linus: It was a short summer, Charlie Brown.
Charlie Brown: And it looks like it's gonna be a looong winter.

Linus: [after Snoopy leaves the table, gagging on spaghetti] Where on earth is Snoopy going? He's gotta eat; who's gonna feed him?

Charlie Brown: Do you know why English teachers go to college for four years?
Linus: No.
Charlie Brown: Well then, I'll tell you why English teachers go to college for four years.
Charlie Brown: So they can learn how to make stupid little kids write stupid essays about what they did all stupid summer!

Linus: [after swatting a bee with his blanket that was previously after Violet] Not unlike Robin Hood.

Shermy: Hey, there's a spider on that log!
Linus: WAAH!
[falls down with the logs]
Shermy: I'm sorry I was wrong, it was just a piece of bark.
Shermy: Hey, I was right, there really is a spider on that log!
Linus: WAAH!
[falls again with the logs]
Shermy: I'm sorry I was wrong again, it was just an old cocklebur.

Lucy: [on their way to school] Did you wash your hands? Let's see your fingernails.
[looks at Linus's hand]
Lucy: They're clean! How'd you get your fingernails so clean?
Linus: Toothpaste.

Linus: [writing his essay; voicdeover] The worst was yet to come. It was bad enough at having been so thoroughly thrashed in softball. But there were plans for a nature hike the next day. The campfire activity - was a dismal failure.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973) (TV)
Charlie Brown: We've got ANOTHER holiday to worry about. It seems Thanksgiving Day is upon us.
Sally Brown: I haven't even finished eating all of my Halloween candy!
Linus van Pelt: Sally, Thanksgiving is a very important holiday. Ours was the first country in the world to make a national holiday to give thanks.
Sally Brown: [to Charlie Brown] Isn't he the cutest thing?

Linus van Pelt: What are you going to do on Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown?
Charlie Brown: My mother and dad, and Sally and I are all going to my grandmother's for dinner.
Sally Brown: Why don't you come along, Linus? We can hold hands under the table.
Linus van Pelt: Blah.

[after singing "Over the River and Through the Woods to Grandmother's House We Go"]
Charlie Brown: Well, there's only one thing wrong with that.
Linus van Pelt: What's that, Charlie Brown?
Charlie Brown: My grandmother lives in a condominium.

Linus van Pelt: In the year 1621, the Pilgrims held their first Thanksgiving feast. They invited the great Indian chief Massasoit, who brought ninety of his brave Indians and a great abundance of food. Governor William Bradford and Captain Miles Standish were honored guests. Elder William Brewster, who was a minister, said a prayer that went something like this: 'We thank God for our homes and our food and our safety in a new land. We thank God for the opportunity to create a new world for freedom and justice."
Patricia 'Peppermint Patty' Reichardt: Amen.

Charlie Brown: I can't cook a Thanksgiving dinner. All I can make is cold cereal and maybe toast.
Linus van Pelt: That's right. I've seen you make toast. You can't butter it, but maybe we can help you. Snoopy, you go out to the garage and make a table we can set up in the backyard.

Linus van Pelt: This is not unlike another famous Thanksgiving episode. Do you remember the story of John Alden, and Priscilla Mullins, and Captain Miles Standish?
Patricia 'Peppermint Patty' Reichardt: This isn't like that one at all.

Charlie Brown: [after getting off the phone with Peppermint Patty for the third time] I think I'm losing control of the whole world.
[hangs up the phone]
Linus van Pelt: *Now* what's wrong?
Charlie Brown: Now she's bringing Franklin, too. Peppermint Patty's invited herself, Marcie, and Franklin over for Thanksgiving dinner. And I'm not even going to be home. I'm going to be at my grandmother's.
Linus van Pelt: Why don't you just call her back and explain it to her?
Charlie Brown: You can't explain anything to Peppermint Patty because you never get to say anything. I'm doomed. Three guests for Thanksgiving, and I'm not even going to be home. Peppermint Patty will hate me for the rest of my life.

The Peanuts Movie (2015)
Linus: You know, Charlie Brown, if you like her so much, why not just walk up to her and introduce yourself?
Charlie Brown: After the complete fool I made out of myself last night? Yeah, and why don't I just fly to the moon?

Charlie Brown: You've got to help me, Linus! I'm not sure I can handle being partners with the Little Red-Haired Girl! How will I support her? I can't afford a mortgage! What if I'm put into escrow?
Linus: Charlie Brown, you're the only person I know who can turn a book report into a lifelong commitment.

Linus: Charlie Brown, the insight you bring to such a complex novel is beyond reproach!

[Linus and Charlie Brown are at the iconic brick wall]
Linus: Charlie Brown, where have you been? It's the first day of summer. You should be down there having fun with everyone else.
Charlie Brown: I can't stop thinking about it, Linus. After all the humiliating disasters she witnessed this year, why would she choose me? Was she feeling sorry for me? I don't want her to choose me just because she was feeling sorry for me. I have slightly more dignity than that.
Linus: Charlie Brown, it might be time to consider the wild possibility that you're a good person and that people like you. But you know, you'll never really know the answer, unless...
Charlie Brown: I just go up to talk to her! I should have listened to you all along!

[last lines before the credits]
Linus: It must feel pretty great being Charlie Brown right about now!
Pig-Pen: You did it!
Peppermint Patty: Nice job, Chuck!
Marcie: Good job, Charles.
Sally Brown: Hey, big brother!
[blows up a balloon with Charlie Brown's face on it]
Sally Brown: I'm proud to be your little sister.
Lucy van Pelt: [crabbily] You've really shown something new to me, you blockhead!
Lucy van Pelt: You're always full of surprises. Good ol' Charlie Brown.
[as everyone cheers and lifts Charlie Brown up into the air, the scene turns into a black and white drawing. The final touch to the drawing is added: Sparky adding his signature]

Lucy van Pelt: Linus time to get up. You don't want to be late for school. GET UP!
Linus: Ah! My blanket!

Linus: It's my turn for show and tell today This is a model of the same plane flown by Manfred von Richthofen.
Charlie Brown: Who?
Linus: The Red Baron. The most famous aviator during the Great War.
Charlie Brown: It's not real is it?

What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown? (1983) (TV)
Linus van Pelt: These are poppies. There's a legend that says where battles were fought, these white flowers all turned red, and in the center of each one, there was a cross.

Linus van Pelt: [Reciting "In Flanders Fields"] In Flanders Fields, the poppies blow/Between the crosses, row on row/That mark our place, and in the sky/The larks still bravely sing and fly/Scarce heard amid the guns below, we are the dead/Short days ago we lived, felt dawn saw sunset glow/Loved and were loved, and now we lie in Flanders Fields/In Flanders Fields, the poppies blow/Between the crosses, row on row.

Linus van Pelt: Charlie Brown, Marcie, Patty! You'll never guess where we are. We're at Omaha Beach! This is where it all started!
Patricia "Peppermint Patty" Reichardt: What started?
Linus van Pelt: This is where the Invasion was! This is where the Allies landed on D-Day!
Patricia "Peppermint Patty" Reichardt: D-Day?

Linus van Pelt: June 6th, 1944. This is the beach where the Allies landed in World War II. Thousands of men came ashore right here where you're standing.
Patricia "Peppermint Patty" Reichardt: Came ashore, from where?
Linus van Pelt: From across the Channel. It was terrible, I read that by 10:30 in the morning, over 3000 men had been killed or wounded.

Linus van Pelt: See, from up here, the enemy could fire right down on the invaders. Look out there, over there, that's where the Allies had built an artificial port. Two weeks after D-Day, a violent storm took the whole thing apart.

Linus van Pelt: Listen to this. When the first units of the 116th Infantry tried to land, they were met by a hail of fire. Within minutes of the ramps being lowered, one company was desolate. The assault on Omaha Beach was a shambles. The engineers assigned to clear the beach of obstacles suffered appalling losses, few of their surviving teams landed in the right places. For their heroic effort the engineers suffered 41 casualties. Meanwhile assault groups were being pinned down on the beach. As the tide crept in, exhausted troops were slow to rally, and even slower to move up the beach. Along the peril bank, the bodies of the living and the dead formed a solid, motionless belt 20 feet wide. By 9:30 A.M. the situation was so bad that the commander considered abandoning Omaha Beach. In all this confusion, isolated groups began to move up the block.

[last lines]
Linus van Pelt: [after leaving the cemetery] What have we learned, Charlie Brown?
[Charlie Brown looks at him]
Charlie Brown: [back at home] And that's what Linus asked me: "What have we learned, Charlie Brown?"
[Charlie Brown puts his picture in his photo album]
Sally Brown: I hope you don't mind my saying this, big brother, but you're pasting your pictures in upside down.

Snoopy: The Musical (1988) (TV)
Linus van Pelt: [all singing] Poe! Edgar Allen, American poet, born 1809.
Charlie Brown: He wrote Cock Robin and My Darling Clementine.
Linus van Pelt: Published Tamerlane in 1827.
Sally Brown: If you're listening, Heaven, Heaven, help me, help me!
Lucy van Pelt: She's gonna ask us something, on Edgar Allen Poe. I just know, I just know that any minute now...
Sally Brown: She's gonna call on me and ask me something I don't know.

Charlie Brown: [reading a letter to Snoopy about his promotion to head beagle] Well, I'll be.
[hands the letter to Linus, who also reads it]
Linus van Pelt: Well, I'll be!
Charlie Brown: Who else do you know whose dog's just been promoted to head beagle?
Lucy van Pelt: Head beagle? That stupid dog can't be promoted to head beagle! He'll bring ruination upon the country! He'll destroy us all! He's inept, he's incompetent, he's...
Snoopy: Hmph! If you don't mind, the head beagle would like to be alone to prepare his acceptance speech!
[hops off his dog house and kicks it]
Charlie Brown: I recognize that kick. That's the kick of someone who'd like to be alone to prepare his acceptance speech.
Snoopy: I don't think that's an unreasonable request.
Charlie Brown: And considers that a reasonable request.
Lucy van Pelt: Weird!
[She, Linus, and Charlie Brown leave]
Snoopy: [proudly] Just think - head beagle! I wish I knew where Mom was. Beautiful moments are meant to be shared.

Charlie Brown: It must be nice to be believed in.
Snoopy: It is.
Linus van Pelt: Wouldn't it be wonderful if everybody believed in everybody?
Charlie Brown: Beginning with me.

Lucy van Pelt: May I ask you something? Did the Great Squash ever show up?
[walks away]
Linus van Pelt: It's pumpkin!
Linus van Pelt: I'll never wait for him again until... next... year!

Lucy van Pelt, Linus van Pelt, Sally Brown, Patricia 'Peppermint Patty' Reichardt, Snoopy: Well, what do you see, Charlie Brown?
Charlie Brown: I was going to say a horsie and a duckie, but I changed my mind.

Linus van Pelt: If I were to bring a TV dinner to school tomorrow, would I be allowed to use one of the ovens in the cafeteria to heat it up?
[we hear a trombone, which is Miss Othmar's disapproval]
Linus van Pelt: I see.

Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales (2002) (TV)
Linus Van Pelt: Dear, Santa Claus. How have you been? How is your wife? I am not sure what I want for Christmas this year. Sometimes it is very hard to decide. Perhaps you should send me your catalog.

Lucy Van Pelt: You have to give me a Christmas present. It says so in the Bible.
Linus Van Pelt: You're bluffing. The Bible says nothing about giving Christmas presents.
Lucy Van Pelt: It doesn't?
Linus Van Pelt: You can't bluff an old theologian.

Jezebel: Today my name is Jezebel.
Linus Van Pelt: Jezebel was the evil wife of king Ahab in the Old Testament. In II Kings, it says that her servants threw her out the window and she landed on her head.
Jezebel: Today my name is Susan.

Sally Brown: What's going on? Is my sweet babboo helping my brother write a Christmas card?
Linus Van Pelt: I'm not your sweet babboo! That is so stupid! That is so humongously stupid!
Charlie Brown: There, how does it look? I drew a Christmas tree with little hearts on it.
Linus Van Pelt: [Reads card] "Merry Christmas from your sweet babboo"?
Charlie Brown: It's a family expression.

Lucy Van Pelt: One of your Christmas cards came back. It says, "No such address".
Linus Van Pelt: It's that girl from class. Ooh, she drives me crazy!
Lucy Van Pelt: Why do you even bother?
Linus Van Pelt: She fascinates me.

Linus Van Pelt: Dear Santa Claus. How are all your reindeer? Are they well fed? Is your sleigh in good shape? Are the runners oiled? Then go, man, GO!

Snoopy Come Home (1972)
Charlie Brown: I'm depressed, Linus. I need an encouraging word to cheer me up.
Linus: Happiness lies in our destiny like a cloudless sky before the storms of tomorrow destroy the dreams of yesterday and last week.
Charlie Brown: I think that blanket is doing something to you.

Linus: [Linus found out the reason why Snoopy ran away] Are you ready for a shock?
[Charlie Brown faints]
Linus: He wasn't ready for a shock.
[Charlie Brown gets back up]
Linus: How can I tell you something that will shock you if you pass out before I can tell you?
Charlie Brown: I'm sorry; I've been hyperventilating a lot lately...

Linus: [Linus tells Charlie Brown what he found out about Snoopy's past] You're not Snoopy's orginal owner.
[Charlie Brown faints again]
Linus: [rolling his eyes] Oh, good grief!
[Charlie Brown gets back up]
Linus: You bought Snoopy in the month of October, right? According to the records at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm, Snoopy was bought by another family in August. This family had a little girl named Lila. Snoopy and Lila loved each other very much, but then they moved, and the family decided they just couldn't keep Snoopy so they returned him.
Linus: You got a used dog, Charlie Brown.
[Charlie Brown looks shocked... and faints again]

[first lines]
[Charlie Brown picks up a rock from the beach, and throws it into the water]
Linus: Nice going, Charlie Brown. It took that rock 4,000 years to get to shore, and now you've thrown it back.
Charlie Brown: Everything I do makes me feel guilty.

Charlie Brown: If I don't find out what happened to Snoop, I think I'll go out of my mind!
Linus: If you'll calm down for a minute, Charlie Brown, I may able to conduct a little private investigation.
Charlie Brown: Just what I need, a blanket-carrying Sherlock Holmes!

[last lines]
Linus: [outraged by a note handed out by Snoopy] Look at this, Charlie Brown!
Charlie Brown: [reading it] "To Linus Van Pelt: I expect my croquet set and chess set returned forthwith, in good order, and within five days, or the matter will be turned over to my attorney."
Schroeder: [outraged over his own note from Snoopy] And mine says... he wants the record collection back!
Charlie Brown: [reading his own letter] And mine says... that since he gave me nothing, I owe him nothing!
[glares at Snoopy]
Lucy: That does it, Charlie Brown! He's your dog, and you're welcome to him!
[everyone walks out on Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and Woodstock; Charlie, annoyed at Snoopy, follows suit]

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (1985) (TV)
[last lines]
Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Sally Brown, Lucy van Pelt, Linus van Pelt, Schroeder: [singing] Happiness is morning and evening, daytime and nighttime too.
Charlie Brown: For happiness is anyone and anything at all that's loved by you.
Lucy van Pelt: [spoken] You're a good man, Charlie Brown.

Lucy van Pelt, Linus van Pelt, Schroeder, Sally Brown: [singing] You're a good man, Charlie Brown! You're a prince, and a prince could be king! With a heart such as yours, you can open any doors; you can go out and do anything! You could be king, Charlie Brown! You could be king!
Lucy van Pelt: [spoken] If only you weren't so wishy-washy.

Linus van Pelt: [Lucy talks of her dream to become a queen] Lucy, I believe Queen is an inherited title. Yes, I'm quite sure. A person can only become a queen by being born into a royal family of the correct lineage so that she can assume the throne after the death of the reigning monarch. I can't think of any possible way you can become Queen. I'm sorry, Lucy, but it's true.

Charlie Brown: Hi, Linus. Where're you going?
Linus van Pelt: Lucy's teaching me, Charlie Brown. She says a sister is responsible for the education of her little brother, so she's teaching me.
Linus van Pelt: Boy, is she intelligent.

Linus van Pelt: In examining a work such as "Peter Rabbit", it is important that the superficial characteristics of its deceptively simple plot should not be allowed to blind the reader to its more substantial fabric of its deeper motivations. In this report, I plan to discuss the sociological implications of family pressures so great as to drive an otherwise *moral* rabbit to perform acts of thievery which he consciously knew were against the law. I also hope to explore the personality of Mr. McGregor in his conflicting role as farmer and humanitarian. Peter Rabbit is established from the start as a benevolent hero, and it is only with the increase of social pressure that the seams in his moral fabric...

Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (and Don't Come Back!!) (1980)
British ticket agent: Passport, please.
Charlie Brown: Y-Yes, sir. We're just passing through. We're on our way to France, sir. I have nothing to declare, sir. I throw myself at the mercy of the court!
Linus: We've only been two minutes and already he's embarrassing us.

Linus: [Violette runs and accidentally knocks the candle, setting the chateau on fire] Aaugh!
[Linus grabs Violette and runs to the window]
Linus: Help! Help, help! Help! Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown! Help, please! Help, help, help! Charlie Brown! Help! Help! Help, help!
[Charlie Brown wakes up]
Linus: Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown! Help! Help! Fire! Charlie Brown! Help, help! Fire!
Charlie Brown: Help! Help!
Linus: Help! Help!
The Baron: Au secours! Au secours!
Charlie Brown: [Charlie runs] Fire! Help! Fire!
The Baron: Au secours! Au secours!
Charlie Brown: Fire, help! Fire! Help! Help! Fire!
[runs to the cafe for Snoopy and Woodstock]
Charlie Brown: Help! Fire at the chateau! Fire, fire! Help! Fire!
[Snoopy and Woodstock opens the door]
Charlie Brown: The chateau! Fire, help! Help! Help!
[heads to Pierre's house as Snoopy and Woodstock runs to the shed to get the hose]
Charlie Brown: Help, help! Help! Fire at the chateau! Fire, fire! Help!
[runs up to Pierre's house]
Charlie Brown: Fire, fire! Help! Fire! The chateau! Fire, fire! Help! The chateau! Fire, fire, fire!
[Pierre, Marcie and Peppermint Patty come out]
Charlie Brown: Somebody, help! The chateau is on fire! Somebody save the chateau! Fire, fire!
[runs off]
Pierre: [to Patty and Marcie] I must call the pompier!
[Marcie and Peppermint Patty runs off]

Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty, Marcie: Jump, Linus, jump!
Pierre: [runs up] The pompier are on the way, is Linus safe?
Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty, Marcie: Jump, jump! Jump Linus, jump!
Linus: [to Violette] Jump? Are they crazy?

Pierre: Nobody go to the Chateau of the Bad Neighbor, the Baron is recluse and hates everybody! He do not allow visitors.
Charlie Brown: Then why did they invite us? See? I got a letter from V. Honfleur, she invited us!
Pierre: Violette? She's a ward of the Baron's, if she invited you, the Baron does not know about it. The Baron do not invite anyone. The Baron is a very violent person. He hates everybody.
Linus: That doesn't make sense. Why did she invite you, Charlie Brown?

[first lines]
Linus: [in a classroom] Quiet, everybody! We have two new students here that I'd like to have you meet. They are exchange students from Europe. It is my great honor to introduce to you Babette and Jacques.

Charlie Brown's All Stars! (1966) (TV)
Charlie Brown: Linus, give us the scouting report on the other team.
Linus: I watched this team practice, see. They were terrible! Anybody could beat them. None of their players can hit the ball out of the infield. And they have this loud mouth girl in center field who can't catch a thing. They also have some animal at second base who can't even throw, and their pitcher is a kind of round-headed kid who is absolutely no good at all. And...

[last lines]
Charlie Brown: Why are you looking at me like that?
Linus: [wailing] They made your uniform out of my blanket!

Linus: [to the girls about Charlie Brown's decision, which they were complaining about] Well, if you must know, Charlie Brown was only thinking about your feelings.
Lucy van Pelt, Patty, Frieda, Violet, Schroeder: What do you mean our feelings?
Linus: Well, the only reason Charlie Brown turned Mr. Hennessey down was because he'd have to get rid of Snoopy and you girls. Mr. Hennessey said that the league wouldn't accept girls and dogs on a team.
[Upon hearing this the girls all look at each other in shock, and Snoopy breaks down crying]

Charlie Brown: For one brief moment victory was within our grasp.
Linus: And then the game started.

Sally Brown: Don't I look cute in my bikini?
Linus: [dryly] Nope.

It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown! (1974) (TV)
Sally Brown: It's Easter, and they already have the Christmas decorations up.
Charlie Brown: Good grief.
Linus van Pelt: I can't believe it.
Lucy van Pelt: I told you. It's the *gift* getting season.

Linus van Pelt: You'll see. The Easter Beagle won't let us down.
Sally Brown: I know he won't, but how about you?

Linus van Pelt: Every Easter the Easter Beagle comes dancing along with his basket full of eggs, which he hands out to all the good little children.
Sally Brown: That sounds faintly familiar. I remember sitting out in a stupid pumpkin patch all night waiting for The Great Pumpkin to come. And you know something ? He never came! That was the worst night of my life.
Linus van Pelt: But this is different. That was Halloween. This is Easter.

Lucy van Pelt: [to Charlie Brown and Sally] We're on our way to the store. We got to get ready for Easter. You know, we need Easter baskets, eggs, candy, the works. Want to join us?
Linus van Pelt: I told you it's a waste of time. The Easter Beagle does all that.
Lucy van Pelt: Ooh, Linus, you drive me crazy!
Sally Brown: Easter Beagle?
Linus van Pelt: Sure, Sally. We don't need to go to all this trouble. On Easter Sunday, the Easter Beagle passes colored eggs to all the good little children.
Sally Brown: The Easter Beagle? Are you sure, Linus?
Linus van Pelt: Of course.
Charlie Brown: Come on, Sally, I thought you wanted to get some new shoes.

You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown (1972) (TV)
Linus van Pelt: If I'm elected student body president, I will purge the kingdom! My administration will release us from our spiritual Babylon! My andministration will bring down all false idols in high places!
Schroeder: I wonder why the principal looks so pale?

Linus van Pelt: In my administration, children will be children, and adults will be adults!

Sally Brown: Well, I hope you told him.
Linus van Pelt: Well, not really. As a matter of fact, he told me.
Sally Brown: He sold out! We elected him, and he sold out! They're all the same! Promises, promises! You elect them, and they weasel out of their promises!

Linus van Pelt: If I'm elected, my first act as president will be to appear before the School Board.
[Lucy whispers in his ear]
Linus van Pelt: I'm sorry. I will not be able to appear before the School Board. They meet at 8:00, and I go to bed at 7:30.

There's No Time for Love, Charlie Brown (1973) (TV)
Linus: Problem number 5: "A man has a daughter and a son. The son is 3 years older than the daughter. In 1 year, the man will be 6 times as old as the daughter is now; and in 10 years, he'll be 14 years older than the combined ages of his children. What is the man's present age?"
Lucy: I'm sorry. We are unable to complete your call. Please check the number and dial again.

Linus: The new math is too much for me!
Lucy: You'll get on to it. It just takes time.
Linus: Not me. I'll never get on to it! How can you do new math problems with an old math mind?

Linus: What's wrong, Charlie Brown?
Charlie Brown: I just got terrible news. The teacher says we're going on a field trip to an art museum; and I have to get an A on my report or I'll fail the whole course. Why do we have to have all this pressure about grades, Linus?
Linus: Well, I think that the purpose of going to school is to get good grades so then you can go on to high school; and the purpose is to study hard so you can get good grades so you can go to college; and the purpose of going to college is so you can get good grades so you can go on to graduate school; and the purpose of that is to work hard and get good grades so we can get a job and be successful so that we can get married and have kids so we can send them to grammar school to get good grades so they can go to high school to get good grades so they can go to college and work hard...
Charlie Brown: Good grief!

Happiness Is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown (2011) (V)
Charlie Brown: Hey, Linus. Where's your blanket?
Linus van Pelt: Lucy locked it in a closet. She wants me to do without it until dinner. It's her way to getting me to gradually free myself of it before grandma comes.
Charlie Brown: You don't look too well.
Linus van Pelt: How would you feel if your whole nervous system was shot?
Linus van Pelt: [grabs Snoopy's ear for a blanket]
Lucy van Pelt: No substitutes!

Linus van Pelt: I can't go through another night like last night again.
Charlie Brown: Can't I try and find you another substitute for something, Linus?
Linus van Pelt: Would you give a starving dog a rubber bone?
[Snoopy kicks Charlie Brown]

Linus van Pelt: Uh, there's no mail for me?
Lucy van Pelt: Why do you care if there's mail for you?
Linus van Pelt: No reason.
Lucy van Pelt: Ha! The Air Rescue Service mailed you your blanket, and you're waiting for it.
Linus van Pelt: If that blanket of mine is lost in the mail, it's your fault, you know. They'll have to haul me away kicking and screaming. I crack up and they haul me away, what are you going to do?
Lucy van Pelt: I'll write you.

Someday You'll Find Her, Charlie Brown (1981) (TV)
Linus van Pelt: [after Linus rings the doorbell, the first girl does not turn out to be pretty] Yes?
[Linus stammers, Charlie Brown signals to him she is not the one]
Linus van Pelt: My friend out there has fallen madly in love with you.
Loretta: [smiles] Ooh!
Linus van Pelt: And he would like to meet you.
Loretta: Yes!
[Charlie Brown goes nervous]
Linus van Pelt: My friend says he saw you at last week's game - a honey shot.
Loretta: Well! Where is this lothario?
Linus van Pelt: Is this the girl, Charlie Brown?
Charlie Brown: [shouts] NO!
[Loretta goes sad and Charlie Brown sighs in relief]

Teenager: [to Linus after opening the door, in a hoarse voice] Yes?
Linus van Pelt: [amazed at how stunning she looks] He's right! You ARE beautiful!
Teenager: So I'm beautiful. What do you want?
Linus van Pelt: I have this friend who's madly in love you. He saw you at the football game.
Teenager: [smiles] You have? Where is he?
[She sees Charlie Brown, who signals to Linus indicating she is not the one]
Teenager: [angry at this] That kid choking out there?
Linus van Pelt: Yes, he saw you at the game and fell madly in love with you.
Teenager: That little kid - I'm not interested in little kids!
Linus van Pelt: You were at the football game, weren't you?

Charlie Brown: Two seconds is all you need to fall in love.
Linus van Pelt: [Rolling his eyes] Especially when it happens every week.

"This Is America, Charlie Brown: The Great Inventors (#1.6)" (1989)
Linus Van Pelt: [voiceover] Alexander Graham Bell was born in Scotland in 1847, just one year before the discovery of gold in California. He came to Boston, Massachusetts in April of 1871. He was a teacher who taught deaf children how to speak. He used a method called "visible speech" invented by his father. Within a few weeks, Mr. Bell was able to teach the children more than 400 English syllables. It was Mr. Bell's work with the deaf that led him to the study of telegraphy, invented by Samuel Morse. By 1876, as the United States was celebrating its 100th birthday, the Scottish immigrant was about to give America a fantastic birthday present.

Linus Van Pelt: [voiceover] At first, many people called the telephone a "silly toy", but twenty-five years later, by the turn of the century in 1900, there were more than a million-and-a-half telephones in the United States. On that March day in 1876, the man who first communicated by telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, was just 29 years old. And his assistant, Mr. Watson, was 22. For the next 45 years of his life, although Mr. Bell created other inventions, too, he dedicated much of his time to working with the deaf.

Linus Van Pelt: Mr. Bell once said to a group of children...
Alexander Graham Bell: Do not keep forever on the public road; go to only where others have gone. Leave the beaten path occasionally, and dive into the woods. It'll be certain to find something you've never seen before. Of course, it will be a little thing, but do not ignore it, follow it up. Explore all around it. One discovery will lead to another, and before you know it, you've left something worth thinking about to occupy your mind. All really big discoveries are the result of thought.

Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown (1975) (TV)
Linus van Pelt: [after he tries to stuff his valentine box of candy for Miss Othmar into the valentines box] I can't get my valentine in the box. Is it all right if I give it personally?
Schroeder: Miss Othmar, is it okay if Linus presents his valentine personally?
[we hear an indistinct trombone blabbering, which is really Miss Othmar]
Schroeder: She said that would be delightful.
Linus van Pelt: [happily] She said that'd be delightful!
[going to his desk]
Linus van Pelt: This is gonna be better than I expected.

Linus van Pelt: I spent all my money. I made a fool of myself.
[He begins throwing chocolates off the bridge and out of sight]
Linus van Pelt: This one is for love! And this one is for Valentine's! This one is for ro-mance! This one is for Elizabeth Barrett Browning! This is for "How do I love *thee*!" This is for...
[We see Snoopy and Woodstock catching and eating the chocolates as he throws them]

Charlie Brown: I guess I let Schroeder down, but it was my first valentine, you know.
Linus van Pelt: I didn't do too well, either. Miss Othmar went off with her boyfriend. She never even knew I had a Valentine's gift for her.
Charlie Brown: Well, maybe it wasn't a total flop for me. At least they *were* a showing a little thought for me, even if it was a used valentine. At least they care a *little* bit about me. Hey, maybe this is the start of a trend. Maybe this is a whole new trend for old Charlie Brown. Maybe this is the start of something big! Maybe next year I'll get a whole *bunch* of valentines! Maybe next year I'll need three briefcases instead of two! Maybe next year I'll even...
Linus van Pelt: Happy Valentine's Day, Charlie Brown.

It's a Mystery, Charlie Brown (1974) (TV)
Linus: Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. When there is a mystery, in Snoopy we trust.

Linus: Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust. Snoopy will find it, and find it he must.
Snoopy: [holding up a broom straw] Aha!
Lucy: That's a broom straw. So what?

Linus: Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. The proof of the pudding is under the crust.

Why, Charlie Brown, Why? (1990) (TV)
Linus van Pelt: [sad about Janice at the hospital] Why, Charlie Brown, why?

[Linus comes home from the hospital]
Lucy Van Pelt: Where've you been?
Linus van Pelt: Charlie Brown and I were visiting Janice in the hospital. They say she has leukemia.
Lucy Van Pelt: While you're up, why don't you give me a glass of milk?
[Linus does so, Lucy turns up the TV, Linus comes back with a glass of milk and gives it to Lucy]
Linus van Pelt: I remember that day in school when she said she wasn't feeling well. I remember touching her forehead and feeling how warm she was.
Lucy Van Pelt: [shocked in disgust] You touched her? And now you're handing me a glass of milk? You could catch leukemia from her and give it to me!
Linus van Pelt: Cancer is not contagious. You can't catch it from somebody like a cold or the flu.
Lucy Van Pelt: She probably got it because she's a creepy kid.
Linus van Pelt: Janice didn't get cancer because of something she did wrong! It just happened.
Lucy Van Pelt: [takes her milk back] Well, anyway, take this milk back. I don't want it.
Linus van Pelt: [pushes it away] No thank you! I don't want to catch your crabbiness!
[Linus leaves]

The Bully: [approaches Linus and Janice] Huh? Say, who's the kid with the pink hat? Pretty cute. Does it fly? It needs a propeller. Hey, maybe it'll fly without a propeller!
[he spins off Janice's hat to the snow and laughs to see Janice is bald due to chemotherapy]
The Bully: Hey, look at this! A baldy!
Linus van Pelt: [as Janice cries, furiously] You blockhead! What's the matter with you?
The Bully: What's the matter with me? What's the matter with her? She's bald! She's got no hair!
Linus van Pelt: [angrily takes him by the jacket] Janice has got leukemia, cementhead! That's cancer! Have you ever heard of cancer? She's been in the hospital and she's had chemotherapy to help her get better, and it makes her hair fall out! Does that make you happy? Would you like to go through what she's gone through? Think about it!
[releases him]
Linus van Pelt: Or don't you ever think about anything!
[Linus comforts Janice and picks up their books off the snow]
The Bully: [hands back Janice's cap] I'm sorry.
[Linus takes the cap, gives it to Janice, and both Linus and Janice leave]
The Bully: [smiles in sympathy] Hey, I like your cap!

It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown (1992) (TV)
Lucy Van Pelt: Okay, get up! I want to lie in that beanbag!
Linus: Remember when we were siting around the Christmas tree opening our presents? That's when you said it.
Lucy Van Pelt: That's when I said what?
Linus: It was beautiful. You said, "Why do we have to be nice to each other only on Christmas? Why can't we be nice to each other every day?"
Lucy Van Pelt: You drive me crazy!
Linus: Joy to the world.

[first lines]
[Sally and Linus are preparing to sled down a hill in a cardboard box]
Sally Brown: [to Linus] Now what? Kinda a steep hill, isn't it?
Linus: Don't worry about it. Just lean forward and jiggle your feet.
Sally Brown: [Sally climbs out of the box] I think I've changed my mind.
[the box falls an inch off the slope; Linus is then face planted in the snow]
Sally Brown: If I'd have known you were only going that far, I would've stayed in.
[Linus tries again]
Linus: Here we go. We put it in fast forward, and here we go!
Linus: [Linus slides backwards down the slope; the box lands on top of him] Fast reverse.
[Linus' third attempt involves him sliding down the hill at a fast speed; the box then lands on top of a tree]
Linus: [camera pulls back to reveal that Linus landed in the snow as Sally and Lucy are standing there]
Lucy Van Pelt: [to Sally] I think they look better when they have a little star or an angel on top.

"This Is America, Charlie Brown: The NASA Space Station (#1.4)" (1988)
Lucy, Pig Pen, Linus, Franklin, Sally Brown, Peppermint Patty: [as they watch Charlie Brown and Snoopy fix the broken solar panel] They did it! They fixed it! They saved us!
Lucy: Mission accomplished. The solar panel is fixed, and the astronauts are coming home.
Mission Control Speaker: Good work. Our congratulations to those brave souls who have pulled off this very difficult maneuver.
Lucy: [as Charlie Brown and Snoopy float away from the solar panel, we see and hear the panel hiss, which indicates a warning] What was that?
[seeing Charlie Brown and Snoopy about to enter the station again]
Lucy: Oh, no!
[they float back inside, then Snoopy closes the door just as another door opens, to reveal Lucy and the rest of the crew; Charlie and Snoopy are surprised]
Lucy, Pig Pen, Linus, Franklin, Sally Brown, Peppermint Patty: Congratulations, Charlie Brown!
Lucy: Well, you may have done a great job out there, but you must have crossed some wires, because look what's happening in here.
[she points the way to another room where exercise equipment operate by themselves and the communication TV buzzes]

Sally Brown: Is my big brother going to be all right, Linus?
Linus: I hope so.
Sally Brown: You *hope* so?
Linus: Well, there are never any guarantees, Sally.

"This Is America, Charlie Brown: The Birth of the Constitution (#1.2)" (1988)
Linus Van Pelt: Come on, Charlie Brown! We're late already! We're supposed to clean up the meeting hall, and it's already after daybreak! Come on!
Charlie Brown: I never have time to do anything. All I ever do is work.

Lucy Van Pelt: Now what are they debating about?
Linus Van Pelt: They're trying to decide who will be the head of the government.
Lucy Van Pelt: I think it should be a queen. A beautiful queen.
Linus Van Pelt: Some of the delegates think it should be just one man. But others are afraid that if it's just one man, he'll be like another king.

"The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show: Sally's Sweet Babboo (#2.5)" (1985)
Linus van Pelt: [to Sally; shouting] I am NOT your Sweet Babboo!

Sally Brown: I don't want you to get me anything for Christmas this year, Linus.
Linus van Pelt: Really? That's too bad, but I can understand how you feel, and I admire you for it.
[calls offscreen]
Linus van Pelt: Cancel that order for the $10,000 necklace!
Sally Brown: [annoyed] After the holidays are over and everything has quieted...
[holds up her fist at him]
Sally Brown: I'm gonna slug you!

Snoopy's Getting Married, Charlie Brown (1985) (TV)
[last lines]
Lucy van Pelt: Charlie Brown, I've got some good news for you, and I've got some bad news. The good news is that we've prepared a great party.
[short pause]
Lucy van Pelt: The bad news is that the bride-to-be has just run off with the golden retriever.
[Snoopy faints in shock]
Charlie Brown: The wedding's off!
Linus van Pelt: What about my sermon?
Lucy van Pelt: What about my salad?
Schroeder: Hey, what about my music?
Marcie: What about my dinner?
Patricia "Peppermint Patty" Reichardt: What about my *wedding* cake?
Charlie Brown: What about my *dog*?

Linus van Pelt: How are the plans for the wedding coming along?
Charlie Brown: Well, the ceremony will take place right here in the backyard. The bride will enter through that small gate over there. Snoopy and Spike will stand right here. The reception party after the wedding will be held downstairs in the doghouse. He's having it painted over in pink and white.

He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown (1968) (TV)
Lucy van Pelt: Charlie Brown, you've got to do something about that dog.
Linus Van Pelt: It's up to you, Charlie Brown.
Charlie Brown: Why me?

It's an Adventure, Charlie Brown (1983) (TV)
Lucy van Pelt: What would you do if I were to snatch that blanket from you and throw it right into the trash burner?
Linus van Pelt: I'd collapse right on the spot. They'd have to haul me away in an ambulance and place me in an oxygen tent.
[Lucy rushes out upon hearing this]
Linus van Pelt: How do I think of things like that?

I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown (2003) (TV)
[first lines]
Linus Van Pelt: Christmas decorations are getting more lifelike every year, Charlie Brown.

It's Magic, Charlie Brown (1981) (TV)
Lucy van Pelt: Linus, have you seen Charlie Brown?
Linus van Pelt: Nobody has seen him since Snoopy's magic show. I just talked to Sally, and she said even when you look at him, you don't see him.
Lucy van Pelt: What's *that* supposed to mean? That's the dumbest thing I ever heard.

It's Flashbeagle, Charlie Brown (1984) (TV)
Charlie Brown: What are you doing, Sally?
Sally Brown: I'm waiting for my sweet baboo.
Linus van Pelt: I am *not* your sweet baboo!
Sally Brown: I'm waiting here because my sweet baboo asked me to have the next dance with him.
Linus van Pelt: I DID *NOT*!
Sally Brown: Well, you should have!
Charlie Brown: Oh, brother.

Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown (1977)
Linus Van Pelt: Are we dead?
Lucy Van Pelt: Thanks to old Charlie Brown.
Sally Brown: I'm not dead.
Patricia "Peppermint Patty" Reichardt: Of course you're not dead!
Lucy Van Pelt: No thanks to old Charlie Brown!
Charlie Brown: All right, all right, let's go to the river!

A Charlie Brown Celebration (1982) (TV)
Sally Brown: [shouting back to Linus, who is trapped on the roof of the old barn] I'm leaving on the school bus, Linus, but don't worry! I'll send a helicopter to you! Be brave, my Sweet Baboo!
Linus van Pelt: "Helicopter"?
Truffles: "Sweet Baboo"?