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Quotes for
Chris (Character)
from The Howling (1981)

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The Howling (1981)
Chris: Eddie?
Eddie Quist: You know me, but I don't know you. Why is that?

Chris: [points his rifle] I've got silver bullets in here.
Jerry Warren: Silver bullets my ass! Get up, T.C.!

[looking in what was Eddie Quist's morgue locker]
Chris: He's not here!
Morgue Attendant: He was here this morning!
Terry Fisher: [noticing the damage on the inside of the locker door] Look at the door!
Chris: You think somebody took him?
Morgue Attendant: Well, he didn't just get up and walk away!

Chris: You're crazy!
Eddie Quist: Oh, I'm much more than that!

Chris: You believe in this?
Bookstore owner: What am I, an idiot? I'm makin' a buck here. You want books, I got books. I got chicken blood, I got dog embryos, I got black candles, I got wolf-bane. Look at this: Silver bullets. Some joker ordered them. Thirty-ought-six
Bookstore owner: . Never picked 'em up. I take Bank AmeriCard, American Express, Visa. You gonna buy that or what?