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Quotes for
Charlie Farrow (Character)
from Run (1991)

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Run (1991)
Charlie Farrow: [Overhearing on the radio he's been blamed for Denny's death and his career in law is now over] Oh great, all I'm gonna be able to do is teach.

Charlie Farrow: [makes a U-turn after seeing the police roadblock ahead] They didn't see me. They didn't see me.
[sees one of the police cars starting to follow him]
Charlie Farrow: Yeah, they saw me.

Matt Halloran: [In the TV Version, Mr. Halloran was playing a pool table. And he hit a good shot. The elevator opened and there was Sammy and Marv found and bringing Charlie here to meet Halloran. Mr. Halloran can't wait] Do you know who I am?
Charlie Farrow: Halloran.
[Grab his hair by Marv. Charlie gasp]
Matt Halloran: Mr. Halloran.
[Mr. Halloran nods his head to have Sammy and Marv letting Charlie go. Charlie has to tell the truth]
Charlie Farrow: Mr. Halloran, listen to me. I didn't kill your son. He fell. He hit his head. It was an accident.
Matt Halloran: Is that right?
Charlie Farrow: Yes.
Matt Halloran: An accident?
Charlie Farrow: Yes.
Matt Halloran: How about that?
[Mr. Halloran sighs]
Matt Halloran: It always it's just been a misunderstanding, right?
Charlie Farrow: That's right.
[Sammy overhears Charlie. So does Marv]
Charlie Farrow: Come on. I - I can't believe there's not something we can work out here.
[Mr. Halloran smiles and comforts this kid Charlie Farrow on the shoulder. And Charlie was impressed. But suddenly, Mr. Halloran kicks Charlie. Mr. Halloran is a bad man and he is hurting Charlie]
Matt Halloran: What are you take me for? You little creep!
Charlie Farrow: I don't know you using what I'm saying.
Matt Halloran: Because I don't talk to dead man.
[Mr. Halloran kicks Charlie]
Matt Halloran: Toss this garbage.

Charlie Farrow: [In the TV Version with no profanity] What are you doing?
Cab Driver: Get out! Now!
Charlie Farrow: No! No! Take me to the cops!
Cab Driver: Forget the cops, man! Don't mess with them! Don't mess with nobody! You hear me?
Charlie Farrow: What?
[But the car is coming to chase Charlie]
Cab Driver: Get down! Get down!
Charlie Farrow: No. What is this about?
Cab Driver: You're in deep trouble, my friend! Forget that! I'm in big trouble! Get out of here!
Charlie Farrow: No!
Cab Driver: Get out of here!
Charlie Farrow: Why am I in big trouble?
Cab Driver: Why?
Charlie Farrow: Yes!
Cab Driver: You kill Matt Halloran! So no ones gonna kill you!
Charlie Farrow: Then who's Matt Halloran?
Cab Driver: Matt Halloran own that place back there! He owns his whole town, man! Get out of here!
Charlie Farrow: No! Wait! Wait!