Ben Chapleski
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Ben Chapleski (Character)
from Orgazmo (1997)

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Orgazmo (1997)
[Dave recounts a painful memory of why he quit Hamster Style kung fu]
Young Ben: Dad?
Ben's Father: Hmm?
Young Ben: I don't think I'm gonna do Hamster Style anymore.
Ben's Father: That's nice.
[Flashback pans back to the present]
Ben Chapelski: [tearfully] And that's how it went down, man!

Ben Chapelski: Let's see how you like my... COCK ROCKET!

Ben Chapelski: Jesus!
Joe Young: Where?

Ben Chapelski: To the Orgazmobile!
Joe Young: What?
Ben Chapelski: My Buick Century!

Joe Young: But if you're such a scientific genius,don't you think Heavenly Father has something more important planned for your life?
Ben Chapelski: Who?
Joe Young: You.
Ben Chapelski: ...What?

Joe Young: Ben, superheroes that pray together stay together.
Ben Chapelski: Aw, what the fuck!

Ben Chapelski: I tell ya, Joe, there's nothing sadder than a sad Japanese man.

[Joe Young has just zapped Maxxx Orbison several times with the Orgazmorator]
Ben Chapelski: Dude! He's never gonna wanna have another orgasm again!
Joe Young: One more time for Jesus.

Ben Chapelski: Whoa! DVDA shot! So, you up for some sushi?