Julia Russell
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Julia Russell (Character)
from Original Sin (2001)

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Original Sin (2001)
Julia: Get this man a doctor!
Security Guard: What about him?
Julia: [fires gun] He's dead.

Luis: Julia, I just killed a man!
Julia: I just bought a hat.

Luis: Do you love me, Julia?
Julia: Do you love me? Or you're not the loving kind?

Luis: Christ! You'll be the death for me.
Julia: Oh... I hope so.

Julia: You did not want a woman to be interested in you just because you owned a pretty bank account.
Luis: Um, yes.
Julia: Yes. Well, then we have something in common. We are both not to be trusted.

Julia: If someone would bring me my coffee every morning before I dressed, I would be very happy. It would change the day.

Louis: I don't dance.
Julia: I say you do.

Louis: Have you no conscience at all? I mean...
Julia: Yes of course I do. But you see, I don't let it get the best of me. It's just something that happened. It had to be done. And when something has to be done, you do it, right? So here's to us, a short life, but an exciting one.

Louis: Laugh when I tell you that I still love you.
Julia: No, not me. You don't love me.
Louis: Oh yes. Oh yes. Yes, you. Not Julia Russel, Not Bonny Castle. You. I love you as I know you. Because I know you. As you are. Good and bad. Better and worse. I told you this already, but you didn't believe me. Tonigh you will. To us. A short life but an exciting life. (TAKES POISON)
Julia: Don't do that.
Louis: No other one. No other love but you. From first to last. Start to finish. Don't change, Julia. Don't ever change.

Julia: No this is not a love story, but it is a story about love. About those who give in into it, and the price they pay. And those who run away from it, because they are afraid, or because they do not believe they're worthy of it. She ran away. He gave in.

Luis: What is your name?
Julia: Bonnie. Bonnie Castle.
Luis: Is that your christian name?
Julia: It would be... If I were a Christian.

Julia: It's the theater. I love it - even the cheap melodrama.

[first lines]
Julia: You cannot walk away from love. That was the advertisement in a Baltimore newspaper. And that is how he found her.