Avery Chasten
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Avery Chasten (Character)
from Suicide Kings (1997)

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Suicide Kings (1997)
Avery Chasten: I can't let you go.
Max Minot: Avery, we don't have a choice.
Avery Chasten: I gotta gun in my hand! We have a choice!

Avery Chasten: He had nothing to do with Elise's kidnapping, he had nothing to do with it. Can't you understand that? He didnt do anything!
Brett Campbell: It doesn't matter! They're all alike! Whoever did the actual kidnapping... It's a fucking technicality!
Max Minot: You're good. Look that up in the Constitution.
Brett Campbell: Max, shut up.

Brett Campbell: [as they argue over who will help Charlie take a piss] All right. Since I'm in charge, fuck it, Max, you do it.
Max Minot: Fuck that, I'm not doing it. Avery, you can do it.
Avery Chasten: No, I'm not doing it.
Charlie Barret: Guys, It's my dick, I pick.