Ira Reder
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Ira Reder (Character)
from Suicide Kings (1997)

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Suicide Kings (1997)
Ira Reder: Why is this man here? Why is he taped to my father's favorite chair?

Ira Reder: Hey-hey, big time, how ya doin?
Max Minot: Good.
Ira Reder: Listen, ahh, there's been a new wrinkle.
Max Minot: What?
Ira Reder: But first you gotta promise me, PROMISE ME, you're not going to tell anybody.
Max Minot: Ira, what are you talking about?
Ira Reder: Look, just promise me first.
Max Minot: Fuck off, Ira.
Ira Reder: Okay, good enough.

Ira Reder: I want you and your weird fuck junkie friend out of my house.

[Repeated line]
Ira Reder: You cut his fucking finger off!

Ira Reder: [as Brett picks up the phone to dial] It will show up on my old man's bill.
Brett Campbell: Ira, you're unbelievable. What do you want, a fucking quarter?
Ira Reder: He will know we were here!
Brett Campbell: [smashes vase] Well, you know what, now he's gonna know we were here anyway!
Ira Reder: It's an aniversary present!
Brett Campbell: Good, fag. Pick it up.

T.K.: [while emptying a vase] Hasn't anyone here ever heard of a bedpan?
Ira Reder: [shaking his head] T.K., no. It's from Sri Lanka.
T.K.: [handing Ira the flowers that were in the vase] These are for you.
Ira Reder: That's not funny, T.K.!

Charlie Barret: Ira, come here. You are the man. Remember that. Okay.
Ira Reder: That's fresh ice. That's very cold!