Lono Veccio
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Lono Veccio (Character)
from Suicide Kings (1997)

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Suicide Kings (1997)
Charlie Barret: The gun again. Can't you guys just play nice?
Lono Veccio: Drop the gun, asshole.
Max Minot: [finally fed up] Why don't you drop your gun?
Lono Veccio: I don't drop my fucking gun, okay?
Max Minot: [in a mocking voice] Okay.

Lono Veccio: Don't even mention the fuckin' boots to me again. You got that?
Mickey: Sorry Lono.
Lono Veccio: It's not fuckin' funny.
Mickey: I know! I'm kidding!
Lono Veccio: I don't wanna hear about any fuckin' kinda footwear from you again. Don't even talk about fuckin' socks to me.

Lono Veccio: [after hitting Jennifer's father with her toaster] Sorry about the toaster.

Charlie Barret: That's just bad business.
Lono Veccio: Very bad. Fuckin' tragic.

Lono Veccio: Well, if you give me a couple minutes of your time, I got a few things I'd like to talk to ya about. You know, uh, what you did wasn't really your fault. It's what you call a, uh, genetic defect. Mom called it the, the gene. My grandfather had the gene. He, uh, came over on the boat from Ireland in 1912 and I guess he passed it on to my old man. My old man was a great guy, a real pussy cat, you know, hard worker. Big sports fan, but sometimes on his way home from the docks he liked to stop in with the guys and have a couple of beers, ya know. I remember coming home from school one day, and, uh, the whole house was dark. Couldn't figure it out. I heard my mom crying off in the dark someplace, and I was old enough at that point I could reach the light switch. I turned the lights on, and I saw what he did to her. So I went to my room and I got the, uh, baseball bat. Mickey Mantel model my old man give me for Christmas, and I found the old man passed out in the bathtub, and I tattooed him. Needless to say, when I came home every day from school after that, the, uh, house is lit up like Ebbets Field, and the old man, uh, never drank again. So all I'm saying to you is, if you wanna drink, you go ahead and drink. But if I ever find out that you laid your hands on that little girl again, me and Mr. Mantle are gonna pay you a visit, my friend.

Lono Veccio: A busket?

Lono Veccio: [fed up about the boot issue] That's it, I'm letting out! This is worse than having my fucking mother in the car!

Lono Veccio: You okay?
Charlie Barret: Eh, so-so. You know, except for this
[holds up his bandaged hand]
Lono Veccio: They cut your finger off? You fuckin' sick fucks. It's all this fuckin' rap shit, isn't it?

Charlie Barret: [to Avery] Thank your lucky stars I don't let Lono do to you what he wants to.
Lono Veccio: Fuckin A right.

[after it is revealed that both Avery and Max were involved in Elise's kidnapping]
Lono Veccio: Charlie, what do you want me to do?
Charlie Barret: Shoot...
T.K.: No!
Charlie Barret: [points] ... him.
[Lono shoots Brett in the leg. Brett goes down, screaming]
Brett Campbell: Aw, fuck, why *me*?
Charlie Barret: [re: his own kidnapping] It was *your* idea, Dunsky!