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Quotes for
Susan Ricci (Character)
from The Spanish Prisoner (1997)

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The Spanish Prisoner (1997)
Susan Ricci: It shows to go you, you never know who anybody is.

Joe Ross: Funny old world.
Susan Ricci: Funny old world? Dog my cats!
Joe Ross: Dog my cats indeed.

Susan Ricci: Who in this world is what they seem to be? Who?

Susan Ricci: You never know who anybody is, except me. I am who I am.

George Lang: How are things in the outer office?
Susan Ricci: My troika was pursued by wolves.
George Lang: It's a good thing this cookie arrived unscathed.

Susan Ricci: Next time, be born Italian.

Joe Ross: You could call me Joe.
Susan Ricci: Yeah, long as I didn't take that as inducement to, you know, further intimacy.

Susan Ricci: When you own the company, can I be Queen?

[last lines]
Susan Ricci: [being arrested] Can you help me? You're the Boy Scout. Can I be your good deed for today? Can't you help me, Joe?
Joe Ross: I'm afraid you're gonna have to spend some time in your room.