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Quotes for
Lamia (Character)
from Stardust (2007)

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Stardust (2007)
Lamia: Limbus grass! You dare to steal truth from my lips by feeding me Limbus grass! Do you have any idea what a big mistake you've made, Ditchwater Sal?
Ditchwater Sal: [scared] How do you know my... Who are you?
Lamia: Look again.
[Lamia shows her true identity]
Ditchwater Sal: [kneeling before Lamia] I shall not seek the star, Your Dark Majesty. I swear.
Lamia: Seek all you wish.
Lamia: [casting a spell] You shall not see the star, touch it, smell or hear it. You will not perceive her even if she stands before you. Pray you never meet me again, Ditchwater Sal.

Lamia: You'd better be telling the truth, you two-faced dog.
Ferdy the Fence: I can get you one of them, actually. Very good guard dogs. They can watch the back and the front door at the same time.

Mormo: There is someone following your tracks.
Lamia: A Witch? A Warlock?
Mormo: A Prince and he's catching you up. Get a move on.