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Marcy Franklin (Character)
from After Hours (1985)

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After Hours (1985)
Paul Hackett: Which way you headed?
Marcy: Downtown, SoHo.
Paul Hackett: Oh, nice... nice. A loft?
Marcy: Yeah, she's a sculptress. Lately she's been making these Plaster of Paris bagel and cream cheeses.
Paul Hackett: Really...
Marcy: She's tryin to sell 'em as paperweights. You wanna buy one?
Paul Hackett: Paperweights?... uh, yeah I would. How much are they?
Marcy: I don't know. Well, if you think you might be interested, her number is 243-3460.
Paul Hackett: 243-3460.
Marcy: Her name's Kiki Bridges.
Paul Hackett: Kiki Bridges, okay.
Marcy: Nice talkin' to ya.
Paul Hackett: Yeah, great talkin' to you.

Marcy: I was raped once. As a matter of fact it happened right here in this very room. I lived here once. He came in through there on the fire escape. He held a knife to my throat and said if I made a move, he'd cut my tongue out. He tied me to the bed... he took his time... six hours.
Paul Hackett: My god... Was he, uh... did they get this guy?
Marcy: No. Actually it was a boyfriend of mine. To tell you the truth, I slept through most of it. So... there you are.

Marcy: My husband was a movie freak. Actually, he was particularly obsessed with one movie, "The Wizard of Oz." He talked about it constantly. I thought it was cute at first. On our wedding night, I was a virgin. When we made love - you've seen the movie, haven't you?
Paul Hackett: "The Wizard of Oz"? Yeah.
Marcy: Well, whenever he - you know, when he came...
Paul Hackett: Yeah.
Marcy: ...he would scream out, "Surrender Dorothy!" That's all! Just "Surrender Dorothy!"
Paul Hackett: Wow.
Marcy: Instead of saying something normal like, "Oh, God," or something normal like that. I mean, it was pretty creepy! And I told him I thought so, but he just, he just couldn't stop, he just, he just couldn't stop, he just... couldn't stop.

Paul Hackett: Boy, I'm sorry. I guess I've really been runnin' you through the mill tonight.
Marcy: It's okay, I'm used to it.

[after sampling one of Marcy's joints]
Paul Hackett: What type of pot is this?
Marcy: Colombian.
Paul Hackett: That's a lie.
Marcy: What?
Paul Hackett: This isn't Colombian. I don't even think it's pot.
Marcy: That's what the guy who sold it to me said it was...
Paul Hackett: Well, the guy who sold it to you is a liar. So are you.
Marcy: Don't get upset, I just won't buy it from him anymore. Are you all right?
Paul Hackett: Where are those Plaster of Paris paperweights, anyway? I mean, that's what I came down here to see in the first place. Well, that's not entirely true, I came to see you, but where are the paperweights? That's what I wanna see now!
Marcy: What's the matter?
Paul Hackett: I said I wanna see a Plaster of Paris bagel and cream cheese paperweight, now cough it up.
Marcy: Right now?
Paul Hackett: Yes, right now!
Marcy: They're in Kiki's bedroom.
Paul Hackett: Then get 'em, cause as we sit here chatting, there are important papers flying rampant around my apartment cause I don't have ANYTHING to hold them down with.