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Avalyn Friesen (Character)
from Mysterious Skin (2004)

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Mysterious Skin (2004)
Avalyn Friesen: [Walks through pasture with flashlight toward dead calf] Farmers have been finding mutilated cattle like this around here for years. I told "World of Mystery," but they conveniently edited it out.
Avalyn Friesen: Daddy says it's just a bunch of Satan worshippers, going around, chopping up cows. Ha! C'mere - let me see your hand.
[Guides BRIAN's hand to wound on calf]
Avalyn Friesen: Feel that? It's the sex organs. They're gone. The aliens, they experiment on cattle, because the poor things are so defenseless. Us, on the other hand - they can't kill us. They just leave behind the hidden memories of what they've done. Which in a way is almost worse. Notice anything else strange? There's no blood. They took that, too.