Sylvester Marcus
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Sylvester Marcus (Character)
from It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (1963)

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It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (1963)
Sylvester Marcus: [into a phone] Mama, who's with you? Where are you talking to me... Where are you?
Mrs. Marcus: [into the phone] I'm with this truck driver at Peterson's garage in a place called Plaster City. And will you just shut up a minute so I can tell you what happened!
Sylvester Marcus: Now listen, Mommy, you listen to me close. You stay right there, because I'm coming, Mom. I'm coming to get you right now, Mom.
Mrs. Marcus: Will you SHUT UP AND LISTEN?
Sylvester Marcus: Mama, it's all right. Everything's gonna be all right, Mama. Your baby's coming to get ya. You just sit there. Sit there, relax, take it easy.
Mrs. Marcus: [On the phone and the camera's still on Sylvester] Sylvester...
Sylvester Marcus: I'm coming to get you, Mom!
Mrs. Marcus: [On the phone and the camera's still on Sylvester] ... shut up and let me talk...
Sylvester Marcus: [At the same time, while Mrs. Marcus is speaking] Everything is gonna be all right!
[Hangs up]
Lennie Pike: Well?
Mrs. Marcus: So he's coming here. And I'm not to worry about a thing, because "everything is going to be all right!"
Mrs. Marcus: [to Emmeline] Exactly like your father: a big, stupid, muscle-headed moron!

Sylvester Marcus: I'm coming. That's what I'm here for. That's why you had me, Mama, to save you.

Mrs. Marcus: "No matter what you've all done today, you're really not criminals". Ha! Of all the snooty, patronizing...
[to Pike]
Mrs. Marcus: You're stepping on my foot!
Sylvester Marcus: Would you get off Mama's foot?

Sylvester Marcus: That's my mommy. She's gone crazy or something. MAYBE RAPE! OH!

Melville Crump: Look, why don't we just start digging for it?
J. Russell Finch: Well suppose someone comes along? What do we tell them?
Monica Crump: Well, we could tell them that we're here on an archeological expedition.
Melville Crump: [annoyed] Aah!
Sylvester Marcus: We don't tell them anything. We tell them to hit the road or we beat their brains in!

[Pike and Sylvester are digging into a hole that suddenly becomes too close]
Sylvester Marcus: Wait a minute, wait a minute. There's not enough room, Man, you're bugging me. You're bugging me.
Lennie Pike: What are you talking about 'bugging'?
Sylvester Marcus: Cut out, cut out.
Lennie Pike: What's this 'cut out' talk?
Sylvester Marcus: Out, baby. Out, baby. Out!
Lennie Pike: Don't call me a baby!
All: Would you just get out? Get on with it!

Sylvester Marcus: [Benji and Dingy run by] Who are they?
Mrs. Marcus: I don't know.
Sylvester Marcus: From this morning?
Mrs. Marcus: Yes.
Sylvester Marcus: [Captain Culpeper goes by] Who is he?
Mrs. Marcus: I don't know.
Sylvester Marcus: [Otto Meyer runs by] Who is he?
Mrs. Marcus: I don't know.
Sylvester Marcus: Mama, how many people are mixed up in this thing?
[the two cab drivers run by]
Sylvester Marcus: Who are they? Cabbies? Mama, this thing is like a convention.

Mrs. Marcus: Sylvester!
Sylvester Marcus: Mama!
Mrs. Marcus: Why couldn't you listen? Why couldn't you shut up when I was trying to tell you to listen?
J. Algernon Hawthorne: Have a care, that chap's run absolutely amok!

Benjy Benjamin: [in a hospital in bandages and casts] It's all your fault. It's all your fault right from the beginning to the end.
J. Algernon Hawthorne: You know, even for a policeman, your behavior was ruddy outrageous.
Sylvester Marcus: Yeah, you could have taken a fair share like the rest of us, but no. You had to go and wrap up the whole scene, baby.
Ding Bell: We had 350,000 bucks right in our hands.
Melville Crump: 14 into $350,000...
Ding Bell: [groans] Oh, shut up!

[last scene: Mrs. Marcus, with Emmeline and Monica in tow, enter the hospital where all the men are hospitalized, right after Benjy throws a banana peel on the floor]
Mrs. Marcus: Now see here, you idiots, it's all your fault, because if you hadn't...
[Mrs. Marcus slips on the banana peel and falls back-first on the floor]
Sylvester Marcus: Mama!
[all the hospitalized men, except Sylvester and Captain Culpeper, burst out laughing uproariously as Mrs. Marcus is put on a stretcher and taken away]
Mrs. Marcus: Don't you dare touch me! Get away from me! Let me go! Leave me alone...!
[Captain Culpeper joins the laughter]