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Quotes for
Marvin (Character)
from Daddy Day Care (2003)

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Daddy Day Care (2003)
Kelli: Hi, are you the new daddy?
Marvin: I'm your daddy.
Marvin: I'm not your daddy! I'm your baby's daddy! Er - I'm not your *baby's* daddy! I'm gonna be... I mean, I'm-a... I'm-a... I'm...
Phil: You're Marvin...
Marvin: ...Marvin.

The Flash: We need more chasing bad guys!
Marvin: Hey, that's an excellent idea!
The Flash: Like the Joker!
Marvin: No, you see, buddy, that's Batman's bad guy. You're the Flash, you need to be fighting...
The Flash: Lex Luthor?
Marvin: No, that's Superman. You need to be fighting Captain Boomerang, Gorilla Grod, the Reverse Flash...
The Flash: How about the Riddler?
Marvin: [to Charlie and Phil] What are you doing to these kids?