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Quotes for
Marty Rossen (Character)
from State and Main (2000)

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State and Main (2000)
Marty Rossen: I'm going to rip your heart out, then I'm going to piss on your lungs through the hole in your chest! And the best to Marian...

Marty Rossen: Get him some... Maple syrup.
Walt Price: Maple syrup. Grows on trees.
Marty Rossen: Actually, it's an extract of the tree.
Walt Price: Oh, bullshit.

Marty Rossen: And how are you getting along with these fine people?
Walt Price: Like dykes and dogs!

[Marty eats a piece of bread]
Marty Rossen: Mm, this is good. Have you tried it?
Walt Price: Oh, like I'm really going to eat carbohydrates.

Marty Rossen: If your memory was as long as your dick, you'd be in good shape.

Walt Price: What does that woman WANT from life?
Marty Rossen: She wants $800,000 to show her tits.

Walt Price: How are we coming with the dead horse scene?
Marty Rossen: You can't actually kill the horse.
Walt Price: Aw, fuck me!

Walt Price: What's in the bag?
Marty Rossen: My undies, cause, you can't get this film off on time I'm gonna wet myself.

Marty Rossen: Well, I'm gonna solve it here or this bimbo you sent me is gonna be doing a donkey act on public access television. Her tits her tits her tits her tits. That she signed in her contract! We hired her because of 10 years at the Actors Studio, the way she played Medea? Her last 2 pictures lay there on the screen like my first wife.