Dolores 'D.D.' Durante
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Dolores 'D.D.' Durante (Character)
from Jack (1996)

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Jack (1996)
Angry Man: That's the second time tonight! What are you stupid?
[Jack tries to walk away]
Angry Man: Woah woah, where you going? I want an apology!
Jack: I'm sorry.
Angry Man: No, no, no, that's not gonna be good enough, sorry.
Jack: Well, I said I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Jeez, what is it with you? What are you totally hyper or something. you eat too much sugar?
Angry Man: What, do you think you're pretty smart?
Jack: Yeah I do, got an A in everything except Social Studies.
Angry Man: Studies? How'd you like to study my fist?
Dolores: Hey hey hey, leave him alone, asshole. Come on, Mr. Powell.
Angry Man: What's the matter man? You gonna let your girlfriend here stand up for you?
Dolores: Just, let's go.
Jack: [Jack begins to deliver insults he heard on the playground] You know what your problem is, Mister? You have Exactly Disease.
Angry Man: What's that?
Jack: It's when your mouth smells EXACTLY LIKE YOUR BUTT!
Dolores: What, you get that from Louis? He always says that.
Angry Man: And you're a loser!
Jack: Oh yeah, losers say what?
Angry Man: What?
Jack: LOSER! Haha! Rubber, glue, sticks to you!
Dolores: What are you doing? This guy's very tough! Stop with this, let's go.
Angry Man: [getting very angry] I'm a loser? You're a son of a bitch!
Jack: I can't believe you said that! You cussed! Oh, you said the 'B' word! Oh, you're going to get in so much trouble! You really are!
Angry Man: [laughs] Here's some trouble!
[punches Jack in the face]

Dolores: Since when is being bad, bad?

Jack: What happened to Mr. McGee? I just talked to him on the phone.
Louis: I don't know what happened to Mr. McGee. Mr. Powell?
Jack: [pause] He got diarrhea.
Dolores: [disgusted] Diarrhea?
Jack: Yeah, he got diarrhea. And uh, he spewed. Threw up. And he had the squirts. He had diarrhea.
Dolores: Oh boy, that's more than I needed to know.

Dolores: [writes her number on a matchbook] Here's my number at work. You can reach me there any time.
Jack: My mom said I shouldn't play with matches.

Dolores: You're so gallant, you man you.