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Quotes for
I.A. Detective Jackson (Character)
from Hollywood Homicide (2003)

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Hollywood Homicide (2003)
[inside Lieutenant Macko's office discussing about Gavlian]
I.A. Detective Zino: Here's what we got on Gavilan so far: First of all, he's still seeing Cleo Ricard. In fact, he saw her earlier today.
Lt. Bennie Macko: God, he does this right in my face. He's just completely defiant.
I.A. Detective Jackson: Yeah, well he's clearly continuing to work her as an informant.
Lt. Bennie Macko: Yeah, I know. That's enough to relieve him of duty right there, but, you know, I don't want him relieved of duty. I want him to hang.
I.A. Detective Zino: Well his financials don't add up. He's paying off three ex-wives. He's got two kids.
Lt. Bennie Macko: He's got two kids in a fancy college. He's got a great, big house. He's got that big stupid car, you know? What about his Real-Estate thing?
I.A. Detective Zino: Well, he hasn't made a sale in ages.
Lt. Bennie Macko: Well, my source tells me he's getting money from somewhere to keep it afloat, so get me more surveillance.
I.A. Detective Zino: Okay.
I.A. Detective Jackson: All righty.

[Detectives Zino and Jackson showing pictures of Gavilan]
I.A. Detective Zino: That's Gavilan with Marty Wheeler, attorney for the music business, gambling industry. Sleazeball. You know him.
I.A. Detective Jackson: [hands another picture to Bennie] Here's Gavilan drinking on duty. We got photos, date, time stamped.
Lt. Bennie Macko: [turning bored] Yeah, okay, this is not criminal. I need criminal shit.
I.A. Detective Zino: Well, boss, this may not be criminal shit, but, um...
[Det. Jackson hands photos of Bennie ex-wife, Ruby; Bennie chuckles, then turns cross]
Lt. Bennie Macko: What is this?

Joe Gavilan: This is a set up
[he walks towards the interrogation room mirror]
Joe Gavilan: and it will not hold up.
I.A. Detective Jackson: [talking to K.C] And I'm sure Joe Gavilan is next door right now maintaining complete professional integrity.
Joe Gavilan: [banging against the mirror] And You Know It!