Olive Neal
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Olive Neal (Character)
from Bullets Over Broadway (1994)

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Bullets Over Broadway (1994)
Olive: Hey, didn't I tell you to make "horse durves"?
Venus: I don't make nothin' out of horses, especially "horse durves", 'cause I don't know what they are, and neither do you.
Olive: Oh, aren't you the big mouth since you hit your number!
[raising her voice]
Olive: And I said the imported stuff!
Venus: The imported stuff ate through the bottle! It's gone!
Olive: A likely story!
[composing herself - to David]
Olive: It's very hard to get good help these days.

Nick: Open your gift.
Olive: You open it, can't you see I'm dressing?
Nick: Here.
Olive: What is it?
Nick: Pearls. What the hell do you think they are?
Olive: Pearls are white.
Nick: These are black pearls.
Olive: Oh, don't give me that. I never heard of black pearls.
Nick: Just becaus you never heard of them don't mean it don't exist.
Olive: What do think I am, some kind of chump? They're black for God's sake. They probably came from defective oysters.

[Cheech is helping Olive rehearse a scene]
Olive: Can't you see? You're living out the exact same pattern your mother lived out with your father.
Cheech: I am? Pray tell.
Olive: In some way you're trying to relive it and in the process of reliving it, correct it. As if that were possible. HA.
Cheech: It don't say "ha."
Olive: I know it don't say "ha," I added that.
Cheech: Are you allowed to do that? I don't think you're allowed to do that.
Olive: We're allowed to add things. It's called ad-libbing.
Cheech: Well, I think the whole thing stinks.
Olive: Well, I think you're a degenerate zombie so shut up and read.
Cheech: You shut up.
Olive: You shut up and read.
Cheech: You're lucky you're Nick's girl.
Olive: You're lucky you're an idiot.

Cheech: You're lucky you're Nick's girl!
Olive: You're lucky you're an idiot!

Olive: Ain't you the big mouth since you hit your number.

Venus: Do you want the blue stuff or the green?
Olive: The imported, dummy.
Venus: Oh, you mean from the *clean* bathtub.

Olive: [to Warner] I notice you have a really big appetite.

Olive: Don't tell me you still think the world revolves around...
Stage Manager: You.
Olive: ...you.

Olive: Why do you have to be so masso... masso...
David Shayne: Masochistic.
Olive: Masochistic? What the does that mean?
David Shayne: It means someone who enjoys pain.
Olive: Enjoys pain? What is she, *retarded*?