Bill Crowley
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Bill Crowley (Character)
from A Civil Action (1998)

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A Civil Action (1998)
Jan Schlichtmann: Do me a favour, Gordon, will you? Shut up.
James Gordon: What?
Jan Schlichtmann: I'm so tired of hearing you moan about money all the time. This isn't about money anymore.
James Gordon: No?
Jan Schlichtmann: No.
James Gordon: What's it about? What's it about, Jan?
Bill Crowley: Look, let's all...
James Gordon: No, I want to know. I want to know why I gave up my house for. My credit! My life! Would you take 10 million dollars right now?
Jan Schlichtmann: Yes.
James Gordon: But you won't take eight?
Jan Schlichtmann: No.
James Gordon: No. So at 10 million dollars this is some sort of uh... a, a mythic struggle but at eight it's just another lawsuit.
Jan Schlichtmann: If they're willing to pay eight, Gordon, then it's not enough, is it?
James Gordon: Oh, that makes sense!
Jan Schlichtmann: It makes perfect sense.
James Gordon: So, the only thing you accept is what they're not willing to give us. Listen to yourself! I for one am sick of listening to you. I've lost enough because of you.
Jan Schlichtmann: You wouldn't have anything to lose it if it wasn't for me. Everything you have I got for you!
James Gordon: I don't have anything, Jan! What do I have? I've got a couple of bucks and some, some bus transfers. I've got a saving account from when I was 12 years-old. Here! There's 37 dollars in here. With interest, after 25 years there's probably 47 dollars, take it! Add it to the war chest. Use it to fight injustice. Stand up for principles with that. Go down in flames with it for all I care. Only next time, "next time", that's a laugh - ask us if we want to go down with you!