Judge Walter J. Skinner
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Judge Walter J. Skinner (Character)
from A Civil Action (1998)

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A Civil Action (1998)
Jan Schlichtmann: This is the defendant's plan!
Judge Walter J. Skinner: No, it's my plan!
Jan Schlichtmann: It's Facher's plan, right from the beginning!
Judge Walter J. Skinner: It's my plan.
Jan Schlichtmann: He told me, he threatned me.
Judge Walter J. Skinner: IT'S MY PLAN!

Judge Walter J. Skinner: [Reading the verdict for the first stage of the trial] with respect to W.R. Grace the jury has Answered "yes" to question one regarding Trichloroethylene contamination requiring we continue the proceedings against Grace to a second stage of this trial in regard to Beatrice the jury has answered "no" to question one and all its points pertaining to contamination which renders questions two and three inapplicable thus, ending the case against Beatrice