Anne Anderson
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Anne Anderson (Character)
from A Civil Action (1998)

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A Civil Action (1998)
James Gordon: [Regarding the case and the following settlement] Mrs. Anderson, you're looking at four guys who are broke. We lost everything trying this case.
Anne Anderson: How can you even begin to compare what you've lost, to what we've lost.

Jan Schlichtmann: [On the radio talk show] Personal injury law has a bad reputation they call us "ambulance chasers", "bottom feeders", "vultures that prey on the misfortunes of others", if that's true why do I lay awake at nights worrying about my clients why does their pain become my pain? I wish I could find some way not to empathize, it'd be a lot easier
Radio Talk Show Host: [On the radio talk show] Speaking with Jan Schlichtmann personal injury attorney and according to Boston Magazine one of Boston's Ten Most Eligible Bachelors, let's go back to the phones: Woburn you're on the air
Anne Anderson: [On the radio talk show] Hello, Mr. Schlichtmann it's Ann Anderson how come you never called me? My son died of leukemia two years ago and your firm is handling the case, the reason why I'm calling you there is because my phone calls haven't been returned in a few weeks, I have an idea, why don't you come up to Woburn one of these days and meet these people whose "pain is your pain"?