Bill Heslop
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Bill Heslop (Character)
from Muriel's Wedding (1994)

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Muriel's Wedding (1994)
[repeated line]
Bill: Deidre Chambers. What a coincidence.

Bill: Did Perry interview for the police force yet?
Betty: Yes, but they said he couldn't join because he was too tall.

Bill: I was nearly in State Government. Four million votes I needed. No one knew who won for three days 'till the postal vote came in. For three days I was almost there... You reap what you sow. You'd think I'd learn that growing up on a farm. You reap what you sow.

Bill: Push over, Penelope.

Victor Keinosuke: You do a lot for the people of this town, Bill.
Bill: Who told you that?
Victor Keinosuke: You did.