Detective Ronaldo Arrango
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Detective Ronaldo Arrango (Character)
from Blood Work (2002)

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Blood Work (2002)
Detective Arango: Just because you got a Mexican's heart doesn't mean you're one of us!

Detective Arango: Hey McCaleb! We don't need your doughnuts... or your shit! We've got enough of our own!

[first lines]
Detective Arango: [referring to McCaleb at crime scene] Okay, listen. Whatever happens, it'll his face on the front page.

Detective Arango: This is a run-of-the-mill ordinary convenience store robbery. It's an idiot with a gun and a mask, with the right ratio of balls to brains, pulled the trigger. That's all this is.

Terry McCaleb: Somebody's trying to jerk us all off.
Detective Arango: Well personally, I like being jerked off.

Detective Arango: "Happy Valentine's day". Way to make a come back. Some people get flowers, some people get chocolates. You get a dead guy.